Irony: Mini-Hitler Hogg goes to protest NRA with ARMED SECURITY GUARDS

Mini-Hitler David Hogg who has propelled himself to the national spotlight as a “gun control” advocate, used “armed security” amidst a protest that took place on Saturday outside of the National Rifle Association (NRA) headquarters its Fairfax, Virginia.

The NRA was quick to point out Hogg’s duplicity. The NRA tweeted:

The NRA also posted a photo of Mr. Hogg getting into a black vehicle protected by armed guards.

Hogg did not contest the NRA’s claim or reply to it.

There was also no bloodshed committed by anyone at the protest, including NRA employees. The NRA clarified:

“Our social team chatted up the crowd and ended the day with ice cream paid for by @Everytown! Stay tuned for video interviews.”

Kyle Kashuv, a Parkland high school shooting survivor who supports gun rights, tweeted:



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