Take ‘Em Down NOLA Calls For Tearing Down Even More Monuments

The communist-led anti-monument group Take ‘Em Down NOLA is back at it again. After the Confederate monuments were torn down in New Orleans, the group made it clear that it was only the first step in cleansing New Orleans of “white supremacism.” In other words, they plan to destroy more history.

They are now focusing on five monuments, including New Orleans’s most famous monument.

From WVUE:

A group calling for the removal of five more monuments held a rally Thursday night.

Take ‘Em Down NOLA believes the monuments symbolize slavery and white supremacy.

The group held a march from Lafayette Square to Jackson Square.

Since the city’s removal of four Confederate-era monuments last year, the group has been pushing to remove more.

The five monuments include Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square, and the Henry Clay Statue in Lafayette Square.

The Cultural Marxists at Take ‘Em Down NOLA are on a mission to eradicate what they call monuments to white supremacy in New Orleans. They are targeting Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay’s monuments because both men were slaveholders.

The problem with viewing both men exclusively through that lens diminishes their role in American history. Andrew Jackson was not only a former U.S. president and the founder of the modern Democratic Party, but he also saved the city of New Orleans from British conquest.

Henry Clay was one of the great statesmen of pre-Civil War America. His “American system” of tariffs to protect domestic industry and internal improvements was the economic model of the United States in the 19th Century. He also was of the great compromisers who helped postpone the Civil War for as long as it did.

Then again, Take ‘Em Down NOLA is so extreme they pressured the Orleans Parish School Board to refuse the restoration of a World War I monument because the honored soldiers were segregated by race. The group has also come out for taxing white people as a form of reparations.

This is not the first time the group has targeted Andrew Jackson’s monument. In 2016, they threatened to topple the monument themselves.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell needs to put a stop this now. She needs to make it clear that these two monuments and every other monument will not be moved or demolished in the city.

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