California DMV Registers Non-Citizens To Vote

Evidence of election meddling continues to be unraveled. Across the country voter fraud has been discovered, but has warranted little concern from the left. For the real story for years has been Russia collusion that is still in need of much desired evidence. Ironically, evidence is evidently not the deciding factor for whether or not it will provoke the left to action. What it comes down to is whether or not a particular kind of voter fraud will benefit the party.

Once again, legitimate voter fraud has been discovered. The California DMV has admitted to falsely registering 1,500 people. “The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) revealed Monday evening that it had registered 1,500 non-eligible people, including non-U.S. citizens, to vote between April and September,” Breitbart reports.

It matters not whether this was intentional, as suspicious as these cases may continue to become, whenever it comes to eliciting the response from the left. This kind of election meddling traditionally has worked out to their benefit, and will likely continue to do so. Non-citizens vote in mass for the democratic party studies have shown. It would be strategically disadvantageous for Democrats not to exploit this loophole.

In the case of California, it was only a matter of time before some of the state’s questionable practices lead to discoveries of voter registration fraud. “In 2015, AB 60 went into effect, granting over one million illegal aliens in the Golden State the ability to apply for driver’s licenses without having their immigration status reported to federal authorities,” Breitbart reports. “In 2017, AB 1461, the ‘motor voter’ law, automatically registered Californians to vote when they applied for driver’s licenses unless they were ineligible.”

Automatically registering to vote those who apply for a driver’s license is arguably a helpful convenience for the sake of Californians. However, implementing automatic registration while just two years prior beginning to allow illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses without reporting their immigration status is highly suspect. It is difficult to believe that this was not intended to be exploited for the sake of illegal voting.

Nevertheless, “State officials reassured the public that non-citizens would not be allowed to register to vote because database safeguards would prevent it,” notes Breitbart. Such reassurance would be more convincing if California was more open about their voting practices. However, California is “one of several states that had refused to cooperate with federal efforts to study voter fraud.”

As known issues like the California DMV registering 1,500 non-eligible people continue to pop-up, it becomes more transparent exactly why it is that California does not wish to comply with federal efforts to study voter fraud.

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