Here’s How Bill Cassidy Responded After A Left-Wing Protester Demanded He “Apologize” To Her Children

The left has been in a rage since President Donald Trump’s election in November 2016. The latest thing that has them upset is the confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Left-wing protesters have been stalking the halls of Congress confronting Republican Senators and denouncing them. One of them came across Louisiana U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy as he was walking. The protesters were a couple of women.

Here’s the video of the confrontation:

Some woman had her children with her as props and demanded Bill Cassidy “apologize to my children for ruining their futures.” Cassidy didn’t take this lightly. Instead of apologizing, he spoke to the kids directly. “Guess what? Your parents are using you as tools. In the future, if somebody makes an allegation against you and there’s no proof for it, you’ll be OK.” Cassidy told the children and he walked away.

This enraged the protesters. One of them, a heavyset black woman, yelled at Cassidy as he walked and got into an elevator. The woman who was recording the confrontation got up and followed Cassidy and yelled: “Shame on you for not believing women and ruining my children’s future.” Cassidy simply ignored them.

For starters, what kind of a person brings their children along to a protest? The kids clearly did not want to be there. They were there simply to be props for their parents.

Republicans have had enough of catering to left-wing mobs and protesters. They realize that these are not people who can be reasoned with. Now they’re fighting back and conservatives are loving it.

If the left’s protests and arguments can radicalize people like Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, and Bill Cassidy; maybe it’s not such a good idea after all.

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