More illegal voting shenanigans in Florida

Voter fraud continues in Florida–as eyewitnesses are recording on video.

Breitbart News aptly describes the situation: 

Three statewide races in Florida are headed to a recount and all depend on results from a county whose supervisor of elections has a history of losing ballots and breaking laws by allowing illegal immigrants and felons to vote, as well as illegally destroying ballots.

Broward County supervisor of elections Brenda Snipes’ office has admitted “they don’t know” how many ballots there are still to count.

Snipes’ latest failure to finalize Tuesday’s election returns days after the polls closed is also in violation of  Florida law, which requires elections officials to “report all early voting and all tabulated vote-by-mail results to the Department of State within 30 minutes after the polls close. Thereafter, the canvassing board shall report, with the exception of provisional ballot results, updated precinct election results to the department at least every 45 minutes until all results are completely reported.”

Here’s another example of voter fraud caught on video:

And there’s this:

Here’s what Rudy Giuliani had to say about it:

Now President Trump is calling for a halt of recount votes in Florida after Broward County official Brenda Snipes broke the law.

Here’s a question for the U.S. Attorney’s Office:

Why hasn’t Snipes been arrested for voter fraud?



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