“We Want Trump!” not true? [video]

Revolutionaries throughout Europe are shouting the same thing while fighting against globalist elitists: “We want Trump!” But are they? Liberal media says this is fake news.

According to Newsweek, they don’t want Trump:

A poll published by the U.S. government-funded outlet Radio Free Europe indicated that about 35 percent of German and 20 percent of French people surveyed in 2018 said they had faith in Putin. By comparison, 10 percent of German and 9 percent of French people surveyed expressed faith in Trump, according to a poll by the Pew Research Center published in October.

Trump recently claimed, falsely, that the protesters rioting in France over a proposed gas tax hike and general disapproval of the government were chanting, “We want Trump.” The president’s decision to weigh in on the ongoing protests led the French foreign minister to warn Trump to stay out of the country’s internal affairs.

According to the Inquistir, France 24 reported: “fact-checkers from AFP determined that Kirk’s claim was “a textbook example of fake news,” with no reports that the protesters in France were calling for Donald Trump.”

Buzzfeed reported that the closest thing it could find to the claims Trump made were protesters in England chanting, “We Want Trump.”



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