First Democrat Debate Recap, Night 1

The Democrats had their first night of debates tonight and it was a clown show. Think of 10 communists arguing about which of your freedoms they’re going to take away.

We got this press release from the RNC which acts as a good summary of the clown show:

“Tonight, we saw the Democrat Party advocate for open borders and proudly raise their hands to eliminate our choice of healthcare for our families. These socialist policies would kill our economy and put Americans out of work. The fact remains, President Donald Trump has restarted our economy and reestablished American leadership around the world. Voters know that President Trump has delivered on his word and it is why Democrats will lose in 2020.” -RNC Spokesperson Christiana Purves

Also, you want to know how much of a clown show the debate was? Check this tweet out. The fact that Mitch McConnell was the leading search trend instead of any of the candidates in the second hour is not good for the debaters.

Meanwhile, here are some other takeaways from the debate.

  1. Democrats are pro-choice on abortion right up to the moment of birth and gay marriage, but not on anything else.
  2. If you’re a gun owner, voting for the Democrat Party is like a chicken for KFC. All of these candidates want to take your guns away, they just disagree on how.
  3. This is not a serious party on foreign policy. When asked to name the biggest threat to America, most of these candidates said “climate change.”
  4. The best part of the debate was the clash on foreign policy between Congressmen Tim Ryan and Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard argued forcefully for withdrawing from Afghanistan while Ryan argued for a continued presence there.
  5. Other than a few moments, this was a contest to see who was the most “woke” and could give away the most “free” stuff.

Now we get to the winners and losers:

Big winners: Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Other winners: Cory Booker — had a strong debate performance. Julian Castro — scored some good blows and came off as more sincere than others.

Big loser: Beto O’Rourke — he’s done. He’s not a viable candidate for U.S. Senate from Texas, let alone president after tonight.


Didn’t really improve their position nor hurt themselves: Elizabeth Warren — she was strong in the beginning and really could’ve used this opportunity to shine, but she faded after the first hour. Amy Klobuchar — not really memorable either way.

The rest of the candidates are non-factors and they didn’t really stand out or hurt themselves because they’re already polling at 1% or 0%.



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