So, What’s JBE’s Comment On Trump’s Tweets About AOC And Omar?

Nobody ought to be surprised at the fact John Bel Edwards has yet to utter a peep about the controversy enveloping the nation over President Trump’s tweets and subsequent statements eviscerating Ilhan Omar and the other Hard Left nuts making up The Squad.

We knew that Edwards would do everything he could to keep his mouth shut about that controversy, seeing as though Edwards has tried his best to glom on to Trump’s popularity in the state while at the same time attempting not to alienate his base.

But given that the national Democrat Party currently exists solely to attack Trump as racist, sexist, homophobic, stupid, insane, Islamophobic, xenophobic and, in the delicious phrasing of New Orleans Democrat congressman and Congressional Black Caucus chairman Cedric Richmond, “corrupt, inhumane and inept” – which, coming from the Black Caucus and its members is almost too rich to digest, Edwards can’t straddle the fence forever.

We’ve already seen how that doesn’t work for him when he signed the fetal heartbeat bill earlier this year and earned himself brickbats from the pro-abortion crowd for his trouble. To date that has not manifested itself in a pro-abortion challenger on the Democrat side, but we’re still three weeks away from qualifying and nothing is set yet.

Particularly given that Trump’s tweets have the Left so thoroughly unhinged – something which is only amplified by the fact the president stroked a major nerve among Republicans and independents by calling out the anti-Americanism of Omar and her compatriots in The Squad, or the Justice Democrats, or whatever they want to call themselves.

Rashida Tlaib, another member of that group, said on CBS This Morning that if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, from whom they’re trying to wrest political power within the Democrat Party, wishes to address them she must recognize she’s talking to “women of color.” Exactly what that threat entails isn’t completely clear, though the implication is obvious; if they don’t like what Pelosi has to say they’re going to call her a racist as well.

And meanwhile, here’s John Kennedy on Tucker Carlson last night weighing in on the issue, and if Edwards has anything to say it might be that he’s glad Kennedy isn’t running against him…

Absolutely nobody accepts this outside of the Democrat Party. A significant majority finds it disgusting and offensive and wants something done about it, because there is nothing productive that will come of it. And that same majority is beyond irritated with the abuse of the “racism!” accusation, which is why the mainstream media has run into so much trouble this week in attempting to brand Trump with the charge following his diatribes.

In Louisiana, you’ve got a large chunk of registered Democrats who generally don’t vote Democrat anymore because they’ve had it with the left-wing antics of their national party. Edwards won those people in 2015 and his re-election chances depend on holding them this fall.


He was able to get by with signing the fetal heartbeat bill because, at least so far, the pro-choice voters don’t have anywhere else to go.

But if Edwards backs Trump on those tweets, well…

There could be some problems.

Karen Carter Peterson is the chair of the Louisiana Democrat Party, and she’s very commonly unhinged. You can tell that’s true, because nobody who is sane would put Eric Swalwell videos on their Twitter feed with an endorsement.

Peterson went ballistic over Edwards’ signing the fetal heartbeat bill. And she’s now breathing down Edwards’ neck on the Trump tweets issue.

The state’s mainstream media is beginning to notice…

Edwards literally cannot win here.

If he calls Trump a racist, he can kiss goodbye virtually every Republican vote (and most of the independents) that he was able to strip away from David Vitter in 2015, because the vast majority of those people are (1) not loyal to him, having voted for him solely as a rejection of Vitter and (2) Trump voters who categorically refuse to take the part of Ilhan Omar and AOC over the president.

But if he supports Trump, he’s going to get a Democrat challenger. Peterson herself might even run simply out of spite. And even if he doesn’t, he’s going to have problems turning out his base voters – who are going to struggle to find differences between Edwards and his Republican challengers on the hot-button issues of the day.

As such, Edwards is going to attempt to shut up and let this thing melt away. We’ll see if that strategy works and if he can survive his radio show with that silence – which, after all, Peterson is screaming is unacceptable.



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