APPEL: Will Gov. Edwards Take Credit For The Nation’s Highest Poverty Rate?

Governor Edwards was quick to brag that 19,000 more Louisianans were added to Medicaid in 2018. What he failed to mention was that Louisiana’s poverty rate has gone up for the last two years. We now have the highest poverty rate in America.

On the flip side, Census Bureau data also shows that while the U.S. poverty rate is declining, it’s ticking higher in Louisiana, which now has the highest poverty rate in the nation, according to the two- and three-year averages cited in the report.

The national poverty rate is at its lowest level since 2001, sitting at an average of 12% for 2017-18 two-year period, down from 13.1% the two years prior. In Louisiana, though, poverty increased by 0.4%, rising to a 19.8% average for 2017-2018 when compared to the two years prior.

So his big government, anti-prosperity economic and social policies are causing more people to become poor. Then he offers them Medicaid and he boasts of what he has done for them.

Am I the only one who sees how terribly cynical this is?

Let me make this clear, John Bel Edwards, during the strongest economic boom in US history, is effectively creating more poor people in Louisiana. He doesn’t even realize that by bragging about the growth of the Medicaid population he is demonstrating the great failure of his own Administration.

When we elect a pro-growth candidate like Eddie Rispone, we will measure Louisiana’s success by the number of people who do not qualify for Medicaid. They won’t qualify because their income will have gone up in response to a stronger Louisiana economy.


It is incomprehensible that the people of this state actual favor being last in everything and having the highest poverty rate.

Think about this, in his nearly four years, what has John Bel Edwards offered, let alone implemented, to get Louisianans out of poverty by creating better jobs or by making the economy stronger so that those of us with jobs can earn more and have job security?

Don’t bother, the answer is nothing. Vote for JBE at your own risk.



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