GURVICH: Vote Early – The Earlier, The Better!

The final act of the 2019 election cycle will soon be upon us, with early voting set to begin within a few dozen hours. We now have one candidate for Governor, Eddie Rispone, endorsed by Ralph Abraham and backed by our President and a united and fully energized Republican Party. We will win this election if we all get out and vote, but I hope you’ll consider voting early, and here’s why:

I had previously written about the importance of early voting in an article published in the Volume VI (September) edition of The PARTY LINE, but when I wrote the article I had absolutely no idea just how important early voting would be in the October 12th primary. The total early votes cast surpassed all predictions, and a strong majority of those votes were for Republican candidates!

As I mentioned in that article, “… the cumulative early voting statistics are published by the Secretary of State’s Office every day during early voting. These early voting totals are current up through the previous day’s closing of the polls. The press and the election experts know this and they can’t wait to begin predicting the outcome of the election based on early voting results.” 

As we now know, the momentum that we established in early voting carried us through the primary, with Republican victories up and down the ballot on Election Day. Not widely noted by the press was the remarkable fact that the combined Republican vote total in the Governor’s race was nearly fifty-two percent, and this against a sitting Democrat Governor protected by a fawning, servile press for the last four years. The primary election was a resounding rejection of John Bel Edwards’ governance, a rejection that must be brought to a final conclusion on November 16th.


Early voting has become a matter of convenience- you no longer need a special reason to vote early. Just show up at the nearest early voting location with a current picture ID showing your signature (or sign a voter affidavit to verify your identity). By voting early you’ll avoid the crowd and have Election Day all to yourself, so you can go to the ballgames, hunt, fish, shop, or just spend time with your family and friends. Most of all, your early vote builds our momentum in this most crucial of elections. If you wish to avoid another four years of a failed Democrat administration with a blistering record of lies, blunders, and irresponsible taxing and spending, vote early, and the earlier the better!

Republican Party of Louisiana

P.S. Early voting begins this Saturday, November 2nd, and continues every day through Saturday, November 9th, except Sunday, November 3rd. Early voting locations will be open from 8:30am though 6pm. To find the early voting location nearest you, go to the Secretary of State’s website,, then click on Vote, Vote Early, and the hyperlink early voting locations.



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