Louisiana earns grade of C for manufacturing health

Louisiana received a C grade in a scorecard developed by Ball State University that gauges the health of each state’s manufacturing sector.

The university’s Center for Business and Economic Research rated Louisiana’s manufacturing health on several metrics evaluated in several categories: logistics industry health (B), human capital (F), worker benefit costs (C+), tax burdens (D+) and international trade levels (C).

The Ball State University study also examined the percentage of total individual incomes in the state earned by manufacturing employees as well as other measures of manufacturing employment and pay ranges.

Grades Earned by Each State’s Manufacturing Industry

State Manufacturing Industry Health 2018 to 2019 Logistics Industry Health 2018 to 2019 Human Capital 2018 to 2019 Worker Benefit Costs 2018 to 2019 Tax Climate 2018 to 2019 Expected Fiscal Liability 2018 to 2019 Global Reach 2018 to 2019 Sector Diversification 2018 to 2019 Productivity and Innovation 2018 to 2019
Alabama B,B C,C F,D- A,A C,C C,C B,C B,B D,D
Alaska F,F C-,C- C,C D,D B,B D,D F,F F,F F,F
Arizona C,C D,D D,D- C+,C B,B C,C- C-,C- D-,D- C+,B-
Arkansas C+,C C,C D,D A,A D-,F C,C D+,D+ C,C F,F
California C,C+ B-,B- C,C- C-,D C-,D+ C,D- C,C- D,F A,A
Colorado D,D D+,D+ B-,C+ B,C C,C D+,C D,D C,C C+,C+
Connecticut C,C+ D,D B-,C+ C-,D D,D- D-,F B+,A D,D B,B
Delaware D,D D-,F C+,C F,F B-,B- A,B A,A C-,C- A,B
Florida D,D C,C C,C+ C,B A,A B,B D,D B,B C,C
Georgia D+,C- B,B D,D C,B C,C A,A C,C A,A C,C
Hawaii F,F F,F C,C D,D- C+,C D,D F,F D,D F,F
Idaho B,B D,D D+,C- C,C+ C,C C+,B D,D- F,F C,C
Illinois C+,C+ A,A C,B- C-,D+ F,D- F,F B,B+ C+,C+ B-,B-
Indiana A,A A,A C,C B-,B A,A B-,C+ A,A C,C C,C
Iowa A,A B+,B A,A C-,C- F,F B,B- C,C- C,C- C-,C-
Kansas B+,B+ B-,C+ C,C C,C- C,C D-,D C,B- C-,C- C,C
Kentucky A,A A,A D,D B-,B- D+,C- F,F A,B+ C,C D+,C-
Louisiana C,C B,B F,F B,C+ D+,D+ C,C C,C D,D D,D+
Maine C-,C- F,D- B,B D-,D D,C C,C D-,F C,C D-,D-
Maryland D,D D,D C,C C,C C-,D C,C+ F,D C-,C- B,B
Massachusetts C,C D,D B,B C,C D,D C,C B+,B D,D+ A,A
Michigan A,A C,C D,D C,C B,B- D,C- B+,B D,D A,A
Minnesota B-,B- B,B+ A,A A,A F,D- C,C+ C,B- C,C B,B
Mississippi B+,B+ C,C F,F B,B C+,C+ F,D C,C A,A F,F
Missouri C,C C+,C C,C- A,B A,A B+,B C,D+ B,B C,C
Montana D-,D- C,C- C+,C D,C- A,A D-,F D,D C,C C-,D
Nebraska C-,C- B,B A,A C+,C C+,C+ A,A C-,C C-,D D-,D
Nevada F,F D,D D+,D+ B+,B+ C,C C-.C- B,C C,C D+,C-
New Hampshire B-,B F,F B+,B+ D+,C C,C- D+,C- B,B D+,C- B,B+
New Jersey C,D+ C,C+ C,C D-,D- F,F F,F C+,C D-,F B+,A
New Mexico F,F F,F F,F C+,C+ C,B C-,D+ F,F F,D- C,C
New York F,D- C,C C-,C D,D F,D- C,C D+,C- B,B C+,C+
North Carolina C+,C+ C,C C,C C,C B+,B+ A,A B-,C+ B+,B+ A,A
North Dakota D-,D B,B A,A B,B B,B C-,C- C-,C- C,C D,D
Ohio B,B A,A C-,C D,C- C,C C,C B-,B B,B C,C
Oklahoma C-,C C+,B- D-,D C,C B,B C+,C+ F,D C,C F,F
Oregon B,B- C-,C- C-,C- D+,D+ C,C B-,C C+,C F,D A,A
Pennsylvania C-,C B+,A C,C C-,D+ D-,D D,D- C-,C A,B+ C,C
Rhode Island D,D F,F C-,C- D,C- D,D C-,D D,F B,A D+,C-
South Carolina A,A C-,C- D-,F C,C C,C- C-,C A,A B+,B C-,C
South Dakota C,C C,C B,B+ B+,B+ B,B B,A D,D C-,C D,D
Tennessee B,B C+,C+ D,D A,A C,C B,B B,B B-,B- C,C
Texas C,C A,A C-,D+ B,B- D,D+ B+,B+ A,A C+,C+ B-,C+
Utah C,C C-,C- B,B B,A A,A A,A C-,C+ B-,B B,B
Vermont C,C D-,D- B,B F,F D,D C-,C- C,B C,C C,C
Virginia D,D- C-,C C+,B- C,C C,C C+,B- D-,D- A,A C,C
Washington C,C- C,C A,A F,F C-,C- B,B C,C+ A,A B,B
West Virginia C,C D+,D+ F,F F,F B,C+ D,D C,C D+,D+ D,D
Wisconsin B,B B,B B+,B+ C,C C-,C- A,B+ C+,C C+,C+ C-,C-
Wyoming D+,D+ C,C B,B F,F B+,B+ C,C C,C F,F C-,D

Source: Center for Business and Economic Research at Ball State University 

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