Make Sure You Use The NAACP’s FREE Uber Service For A Ride To The Polls Tomorrow!

And be very nice and thank them for putting out hundreds of thousands of dollars to transport not just Democrats and not just black people but anybody who asks for a ride.

Since they don’t have a choice but to give you a ride if you ask for one. It’s the law.

What are we talking about? This…

The LAGOP got hold of that and immediately blasted out an email to their 100,000-strong list…


If you or someone you know need a ride to the polls, the Louisiana State Conference of the NAACP is offering FREE Uber rides to the polls on Election Day!

The law requires this offer be available for ALL voters, so please appreciate their generosity while on your free ride to go vote. If you need a ride to the polls tomorrow, scan the codes below or call the number for your city!

We’re told there happened to be a shortage of buses and vans available for rental on Saturday, as they were booked up for some reason, which is why the NAACP went to cut a deal with Uber to substitute transportation for Souls to the Polls.

The target market tends to expand when the word gets out, though.

It’s our bet this is the last time the NAACP is running Souls to the Polls through Uber. Just a feeling, but this probably doesn’t go all that well for them.



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