PERRICONE: A Quick Statement On The Impeachment Mess

Let’s take this impeachment business, and the allegations of Trump’s supposed “quid pro quo” with the Ukrainian president, step by step.

1. Article II makes the President the Chief law enforcement officer of the United States. No debate on that issue.

2. The President can delegate that law enforcement power, but not abdicate it.

3. Donald Trump took an oath to uphold the Constitution that gave him that power.

4. Joe Biden, the former Vice President, admitted to violating the Corrupt Foreign Practices Act. ( Title 15 USC, Section 78dd) It’s on video. No debate there either. Here was Biden bragging on video about breaking the law.

5. The Russian Fake Steele Dossier has its origins in Ukraine. Much of the fake and fraudulent information that went into the FISA warrants came from the Ukraine, while Joe Biden was Vice President.

6. Trump had a Constitutional duty to investigate all crimes within the ambit of United States Code, including the FCPA,supra.

7. Trump’s request to the Ukrainian President was a Constitutional manifestation of the powers of the chief executive office of the United States. If he hadn’t asked for an investigation, then Trump would have abdicated his responsibilities and should be impeached.

8. The Ukraine was and is a hotbed of corruption and was so during last election. Our former Vice President and son got ensnared in that corruption and Trump has a duty to investigate it.


9. Joe Biden is running for President to, among other reasons, keep himself from being indicted for violating the FCPA, supra., and

10. There is no due process being followed by the Democrats or offered to the President.

The dots are now being connected. My Senator, John Kennedy is simply wrong in this matter and I hope someone schools him on the law in this matter. Trump has committed NO crime which falls within the scope of the Impeachment clause. This is a coup.

This morning, Lindsey Graham should issue a subpoena for the Whistle Blower to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee as soon as possible. America wants the damn truth, now.

Sal Perricone is a former prosecutor and law enforcement professional. He’s now an author living in New Orleans.



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