PERRICONE: Impeachment Politics Continues Tearing America Apart

If it wasn’t for corrosive politics, this would be unbelievable.

The former Vice President, Joe Biden, openly admitted to violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; a felony. His son is a co-conspirator. There is no doubt surrounding this fact.

But when the current President, lawfully and constitutionally, requests foreign assistance into this blatant violation of our laws, the Racketeering Enterprise known as the Democrat party contrived Articles of Impeachment to shut him up and kick him out of office.

Imagine that. What has our country devolved to? The Democrats screech “The Rule of Law” and “No one is above the law,” except them. They turned our sacred law enforcement institutions into a lawless gang led by an anti-Trump partisan whose only design was to take down a duly-elected president. Now he claims ignorance of what his subordinates were doing down the hall.

As long as the Democrats hold any power, no American is safe. They have kicked down the ramparts of freedom and representative government and replaced them with a golden pagan altar of power dedicated to their self-preservation. The people no longer mean anything and they have openly asserted that. Our vote cannot be trusted any more. Our Republic is dying and We The People are letting it dissolve before our eyes.

Or are we?

The Articles of Impeachment are just political eructations of the democrats, fully devoid of any substantive evidence. Now, that they are nearly completed in overthrowing the House of Representatives, they now seek to devour OUR Senate. Will the Republicans stop them? We will see in a few weeks.

Slowly our institutions are fading thanks to our corrosive politics. The House is gone. The FBI has been thoroughly compromised. The DOJ is on life-support, and the only thing standing in the breach is the US Senate. Our President is in jeopardy and so is our entire country. This is the Clarion Call for all Americans to surcease in their Christmas preparations and examine where they stand on their wish to have a Constitutional Republic survive this Coup–and make no mistake about it, this is what happening under the Mistletoe.


Our future lies in the hands of the Senate. Every American must now stand and be counted and represented. We know not what the future holds for our country, but we know what the Democrats are offering is not American. We must stand and let our Senators know that the Impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump MUST end in a acquittal, for it is he who wants to preserve the Constitution and the Rule of Law. He said it clearly on the July 25, 2019 phone call. It couldn’t be clearer.

So rise up America and let your Senators know where you stand. Let your voices be heard so that generations from now, you will be remembered when you stopped America from turning against itself. Rise up for your children and grandchildren, so the can live under the flag of freedom so many have died for. This is YOUR historic moment. You do not have a quiet voice anymore. You are not just one person anymore. Your vote counts and shall be counted, if you want it to be. You must fight against the politics of impeachment, or lose your country.

Don’t wait for your neighbor to do your job, for he might be waiting for you do his. We all must register or dissent and ire over where the Democrats have taken us for the last three years and where they want to take us in the future. Rise up now and be heard. There is no such thing as a quiet patriot.



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