US House Narrowly Passes Trump Impeachment, GOP Stands United In Opposition

The US House of Representatives held its final vote last evening to proceed with the impeachment of President Trump, approving it along party lines by a vote of 230 to 197.

In a show of Party unity, all Republican members of Congress voted against impeachment while three Democrat defectors also voted against. Congressman Justin Amash, a former Republican, voted in favor. Democrat Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard opted to vote “present”.

The vote comes after weeks of fierce debate on the floor of the House of Representatives and across the Nation as Democrats allege that President Trump committed an “abuse of power” in his July phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky and also that he “obstructed Congress”.

The Trump campaign released a statement calling the vote a “cold, calculated, concocted 3-year impeachment sham” before making the prediction of a resounding re-election victory.

A defiant President Trump held a “Merry Christmas Rally” in Michigan moments after the vote where he dismissed it as a political stunt, ripping apart Speaker Pelosi & the new Democrat Party, and highlighting Joe Biden’s actual abuse of power in Ukraine as Vice President.

Speaking on the passage of the Articles of Impeachment, President Trump celebrated both the unprecedented unity of the Republican Party as well as the defection of three Democrats who bucked their Party by voting against them. The Articles will now go to the US Senate where they are expected to be dead on arrival.

In recent weeks, the movement to impeach the President has lost steam with polling showing both an increase in support for Trump and also a decrease in support of impeachment.

The problem that Democrats now face is this- while impeachment may be unpopular with most of the country, it is favored by a margin of roughly 3 to 1 among Democrats. This makes it a lose-lose situation for their re-election prospects in the primary or the general election.


It’s almost as if our socialist friends forgot about Newton’s Third Law- “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. For Democrats’ herculean efforts over the past three years, that reaction may be a devastating one in the form of a landslide defeat in November.

President Trump has benefitted in both polling and fundraising from the impeachment movement, a fact that will likely be even more true following its’ passage in the House.

The Trump campaign was more than prepared to take full advantage of this moment in time, prompting campaign website visitors to donate to “the impeachment war” and pledging that all donations in the next 24 hours will be “triple-matched”.

For a Democrat Party that is already greatly divided and vastly outmatched in both funding and messaging, the impeachment hoax may very well be the nail in the coffin of their 2020 hopes.



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