GURVICH: Are You Disgusted With Impeachment Yet?

While President Trump has been working hard to Make America Great for ALL Americans, the Democrats have been focused on smearing, impeaching and spying on ONE American.

Now, my mother used to tell me that when people show you who they really are, believe them! Sure enough, over the past few weeks the Democrats have shown us their true colors: Today’s Democratic Party doesn’t care one whit about the lives of everyday Americans, but you can rest assured that Democrat operatives are always scheming about how to generate more faux outrage on Twitter.

Everyday Americans are disgusted by the constant misrepresentation, outright lies, and the blatant disrespect shown to our Constitution and our President. These behaviors have become pillars of the modern Democratic Party. Most people are too busy to pay attention to the ongoing political drama, but NOW the Democrats are trying to cancel the 2016 votes cast by you and 1.1 million other Louisianans, while also forcing President Trump off the 2020 ballot just DAYS before the Iowa Caucus.

They claim they’re doing this because “no one is above the law” (unless your last name is Biden… or Clinton). This is NOT the Democratic Party of our parents and grandparents. Rather, it’s a cartel of radical socialists, corrupt bureaucrats, and their lobbyist pals and backers trying to make billions off of their progressive agenda.

National Democrats will continue to embarrass themselves and their party until this impeachment scam reaches its inevitable conclusion. Once it does and the President is acquitted, please ignore the temptation to spike the football and dance in the end-zone in front of your Democratic friends.


Instead, take this opportunity to grow our numbers and strengthen our team by encouraging your friends to join the Republican Party of Louisiana.

Now’s the time: If you wish to vote for President Trump in our April 4th presidential preference primary, you must become a registered Republican on or before March 4th (March 14th if you register online at


Louis Gurvich, Chairman

Republican Party of Louisiana



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