The Strange, Sad Story Of Chris Roberts

He was only 42 when former Jefferson Parish Council President Chris Roberts was found dead in a wooded area off Harvey Boulevard in Belle Chasse, bringing an end to one of the most chaotic life stories in Louisiana politics.

Former Jefferson Parish Councilmember Chris Roberts has been found dead in an apparent suicide, according to the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Roberts’ body was found by deputies in Belle Chasse in the 100 block of Harvey Boulevard around 10 p.m. Wednesday night.

Roberts, who served four terms as a parish councilmember, abruptly resigned from his position in May 2019 shortly before he was federally indicted for multiple counts of wire fraud and tax evasion over a six-year period. He was accused of funneling money from various businesses he was involved in, which included a landscaping company, into his own pocket.

Roberts pleaded not guilty to 22 counts of wire fraud and tax evasion in May. He was later indicted on 10 additional counts in October.

He was set to stand trial on August 10.

Roberts’ family released a statement saying,

“It is with deep sympathy and great sadness that the family of Chris Roberts acknowledges that he passed away this evening after a long battle with depression. The family asks for your prayers and support during this difficult time. Please respect the families’ privacy during this difficult time.”

A fact-pattern like this is bound to spark a good deal of rumor and speculation, especially given the location where Roberts was found, an undeveloped area nestled into an industrial park between two canals.

The photo above is the wooded area in the 100 block of Harvey Boulevard Roberts was found in. It’s going to generate conversation.


We’re not saying this was a Jeffrey Epstein thing. We’re just saying that’s going to be discussed, and is already being discussed. Maybe that just reflects the times we’re living in, maybe it’s a Jefferson Parish thing, whatever.

Regardless, the whole thing is very said. Not that long ago people were looking at Chris Roberts as someone with a real political future, and just a few years later he’s found dead in the woods in Belle Chasse at 42 years old.



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