PURE POISON: Pelosi, Democrats Are in the Business of Destroying American Lives

Let’s ignore efforts to help the American people and kill more babies while we’re at it.

Sound about right?

It is prudent for not only President Trump, but all Americans, to distrust Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

Granted, this is the understatement of the still young year, but the latest developments prove that there is no end to how disturbing these people can get.

Just for a moment, imagine substituting the name ‘President Obama’ in for ‘President Trump.’ The man would have been hailed for a coronation with everything our Commander in Chief is doing to attack this worldwide pandemic.

President Trump is doing everything he can to stunt the spread of the coronavirus and restore confidence in what has been, under his watch, a flourishing economy, including the proposing of a quick and generous stimulus package in the last week. Instead of supporting what was thought to be a slam-dunk, bipartisan move by the federal government, congressional Democrats are working in their sneaky, cockroach way to exploit the world crisis for their own ideology and agenda.

After doing nothing but criticize and demean Trump’s efforts, Democrats doubled down on the notion that they could do better.

Their latest ruse?

Come out with a bill filled to the brim with poison, with much of it having nothing—absolutely nothing—to do with the coronavirus pandemic.

An example?

Pelosi, while discussing the particulars with members of Trump’s cabinet, tried to slide in action, manipulating the Hyde Amendment, that would allow federal tax dollars to go to abortion clinics.


Federal tax dollars to the tune of $1 billion.

The same abortion clinics ignoring federal mandates to cease operations at the moment for the health and safety of the American people.

One senior White House official asked, “What [does] the Hyde Amendment and abortion have to do with protecting Americans from the coronavirus?”

Pelosi’s plan was to do this under the cloak of protecting Americans during the pandemic. Fortunately, Republicans smelled the rat and halted any notion of abortion clinics profiting from this national crisis.

President Trump is committed to releasing a bipartisan economic stimulus package so that Americans don’t have to suffer through financial uncertainty as they cope and adjust to a temporarily new way of life. He has been for a long time. He has been ahead of the Democrats all along in his efforts, but every time they see what he wants, they move the goal post. They change the plan.

They incite fear.

They toy with American lives.

President Trump is doing everything he can. But the man will never do anything right in their eyes, and for you Democrats out there reading this, this alone should tell you something. Never is anyone, not even Barack Obama in my mind, always wrong. No one. And to constantly insinuate that the President is, while keeping Americans cloaked in fear and uncertainty, is a most insidious evil worthy of nothing but our scorn.



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