APPEL: A Pep Talk From Pattie

My sister Pattie is one of thousands of Louisianans who, after migrating to Texas, have become highly successful business-people. Her personal story is one of starting a career with nothing except a good LSU education and a lot of ambition. Success all came together for her in Houston, a city in a state where personal initiative, a belief in family, and a strong work ethic combined with pro-growth state policies has proven to be a perfect mixture for accomplishment.

She was inspired by her love of country, especially in these times of national stress, to write these, her beliefs about limited government. I am a proud brother to be able to post her thoughts.

“An unprecedented challenge to our economy is upon us and ‘We, the People’ are being tested. America has always embraced capitalism, and throughout the forced isolation brought on by this pandemic it has been the capabilities of our capitalist economic system that have enabled positive outcomes. Privately owned entities, small and large, have provided the means and the ingenuity to re-purpose their factories and their workers to supply the nation’s immediate needs. American citizens, as they always do, have assumed without hesitation the responsibilities of their families and communities.

Our government was never intended to be the sole source of succor for a hurting nation. The intent was that through proper, unblemished, unencumbered legislation government was to facilitate matters that would help expedite processes that unleash the great American capitalist system. When government becomes the only resource to address all human needs “We, the People” become subservient to obstructive controls and choices; pricing becomes fixed, pocket deals become the norm, and the individual is lost in the morass. When the people control the flow of goods and are free to innovate and re-purpose, then natural resources are protected, competition controls pricing, opportunities prevail, and society thrives.


Our government is not an industry, a manufacturer, or a medical provider. Our country was founded on the principle that “We, the people” are free to do the work, control outcomes, and, through election, vote in honorable, trusted, unbiased individuals to facilitate through law, not exert overbearing control of, the means for us to efficiently provide for our families, our communities, and ourselves.

It is with great pride that I have watched the very essence of our American spirit shine through in these troubled times. I am proud of all the selfless, individual heroes. I am proud that our states have been the voice for their communities. I am proud that our national government has moved necessary legislation through Congress despite the resistance of those puppets of large media and the silent dollar. The courage and resolve of our forefathers have been revived; the People have found their collective voice. I hope, I pray this fortitude prevails for the generations to come. “We, the People”, like so often in our history, have got this.”

Pattie Huey
Conrad Appel



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