COVID-19 Antibody Test Needs to be Deployed

While there was always speculation as to the true origins of the COVID-19 Virus, it has only been recently that dialogue has progressed passed the conspiracy-theory circles and into the mainstream with even Senator Ted Cruz speculating on the origin of the the virus. That particular speculation surrounds The Wuhan Institute of Virology posting a job opening asking for scientists to research the relationship between Coronavirus and bats.  This calls into question the official story from the Chinese Government where the Coronavirus spontaneously mutated in bats, which where consumed at “wet markets” as a delicacy which was the cause of the outbreak.

The Wuhan labs are often described as the Chinese Government’s equivalent of the Centers for Disease control or CDC. There are two predominant theories that at least partially contradict the Chinese Government’s official explanation, both centering around COVID-19 coming from the virus lab. The first more mainstream theory as linked above centers around the COVID-19 virus “accidentally” getting out of the lab, then traveling the short distance to the wet market infecting the bats, then being consumed by patient(s) zero leading to the outbreak. The more conspiracy oriented theory was that COVID-19 was a man-made produced bio-weapon  that was intended to be used in Hong Kong and other democracy springs to quell the protesters with flu like symptoms, however that it’s creators had lost control of the virus resulting in this global pandemic. This theory has been largely reported as false in the mainstream press however those same reports give credence to why this conspiracy theory had legs to stand on due to the COVID-19 outbreak having a similar outcome to what is thought to be actual deliberate bio-weapon attacks.  What also has been proven so far is that the Chinese Government has lied about the virus, about how it contained the outbreak , and more than likely it’s origin.

However the COVID-19 virus originated, undoubtedly the spread of the virus throughout the planet happened much quicker than was reported. With people reporting in North America and Europe having symptoms in line with COVID-19 as early as late November 2019.  A far larger percentage of the global population has more than likely already been exposed to the virus, had the symptoms, developed antibodies in their immune system, and are now what is called “Passively Immune” to the COVID-19 virus. Just like any other viral sickness such as the cold, flu, and chicken pox, those that passively immune to COVID-19 will not only not have a re-occurrence of symptoms, but also will not be carriers of the virus due to their immune system actively destroying it.  In fact having a large population’s immune system actively destroying the virus upon contact it was keeps these other viral illnesses in check. Meaning is the numbers of patients rapidly increasing might have more to do with the fact that testing for COVID-19 is now widespread than the actual number of of new COVID-19 victims.

With the FDA finally approving a COVID-19 antibody test.  we can have a better gauge of what percentage of the population is still vulnerable to COVID-19, especially since the numbers of deaths seem to be way out of proportion, especially after the nationwide lockdowns went into place.    It only seem to be getting worse, before the lockdown the total deaths were in the 100s, for a county population of over 380 million. The peak exposure of non-passively immune to COVID-19 might have already passed weeks ago. The way we can find out is using both tests.  Those that test positive for COVID-19 antibodies but negative for the virus are passively immune. At the projected rate of exposure it would not be surprising at all this would consist of the majority of the countries population.

If most of the country is already passively immune to COVID-19, then why continue the virtual shutdown of the economy?  Many political commentators such as Rush Limbaugh have been vocal about this as well.  In the months leading up to the outbreak and economic shutdown there was quite obvious partisan attacks on President Trump including his impeachment, all of which backfired and lead to the President having the momentum of a good economy, strong State of the Union speech, and many investigations being conducted regarding deep state corruption. All of this has taken a back seat because of COVID-19. FISA abuse should be the top headline but instead the story is buried and the top story for weeks has been the economy is shut down under the assumption of flattening the curve,  something that may not do anything to slow the virus at all.  Why isn’t this promising vaccine being deployed  or likewise hydroxychloroquine isn’t being widely dispersed? Why was it claimed to be not effective other than to attack the President for tweeting it out. Studies have proven yes it does work.  Who seems to be benefiting from keeping the country under lockdown other than Nancy Peloci and Joe Biden playing politics? What needs to happen is the following, widespread testing to see how much of the population is already passively immune, deploying the vaccine for those that are not passively immune, use hydroxychloroquine on those that test positive for COVID-19 but not for the antibodies, and reopen the economy sooner rather than later.  Only then will the planet be on some semblance of getting back to normalcy.

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