MARSH MAN MASSON: Even Better Than We Hoped In The Biloxi Marsh!

Anytime you pick up a pair of dice, you have less than a 3 percent chance of rolling two ones, or as it’s commonly called, snake eyes. But of course, it DOES happen, and usually at the worst possible moments. Just ask any regular at the craps tables in Vegas.

Veteran Slidell fishing guide Capt. Mike Gallo ( and I weren’t in the sands of Nevada last week, but figuratively, we walked up to the table, grabbed the bones, shook them and sent them down the felt.

Rather than settling for the sure thing — redfish that have been biting well much closer to Gallo’s dock — we took a really long boat ride to a patchwork of marshy and sandy islands outside the Biloxi Marsh hoping to run into some speckled trout big enough to rip drag and get landing nets wet. These islands are more commonly fished by Mississippi anglers, who make a shorter run there from Gulfport or Biloxi.

But, alas, when the dice quit bouncing at the other end of the table, they weren’t quite snake eyes, but they were closer to them than seven.


So with seas building from a 15 mph southeast wind, Gallo and I quickly transitioned to plan B, scooting inside the protection of the Biloxi Marsh, where we hit jackpot. At our first stop, a pond fed by several drains but only one significant bayou, the redfish were as thick as we’d hoped the trout would be.

Check out the video below to see all the action.

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