A Challenge To The LSU “Democracy @ Work” Cowards

In case you’re not aware, the defenestration of Gen. Troy H. Middleton, the World War II hero, consequential LSU leader and, later, civil rights activist whose name was taken off the main LSU campus library last week after a “student protest” campaign endorsed by the political lackeys on LSU’s Board of Supervisors, is not the end of the campus iconoclasm demanded by leftists at the Ole War Skule.

There is now a demand issuing forth from an organization calling itself Democracy @ Work LSU to rename as many as a dozen or more buildings on campus.

Just days ago the name of Troy H. Middleton was removed from the student library at LSU. Now LSU “Democracy @ Work” students are saying one building is not enough.

The student group has put together a list of 14 names they have found to have a “racially charged” history.

“We were just kind of shocked at how deep this goes and we wanted to make sure we took advantage of the opportunity and the moment right now and made sure they all came down,” LSU student Sebastion Brumfield-Mejia said.

The students looked into each of the people named and find their history disturbing.

“Those people did not want black students on campus. They did not want other students of color on campus and did horrible things in their past and we are also concerned with what values is the university reflecting by continuing to commemorate those individuals but not commemorating the very often overlooked people in LSU’s history,” Brumfield-Mejia said.

This Sebastion Brumfield-Mejia kid is a…sociology major.

Try to contain your shock.

Which buildings do they want to chisel the name plates off of?

Here’s the list:

P.G.T. Beauregard Hall
David F. Boyd Hall
Boyd Professorship
Murphy J. Foster Hall
George Mason Graham Tiger Tower
Andrew Jackson Hall
William Preston Johnston Hall
Edmund Kirby Smith Hall
Samuel H. Lockett Hall
James William Nicholson Hall
James William Nicholson Gateway Apartments
John M. Parker Coliseum
Francis W. Smith Hall
William C. Stubbs Hall
Zachary Taylor Hall

And there’s this…

“It cannot end there, if the LSU president, LSU board of supervisors the powers that be, don’t get on board with these changes we believe need to happen we would need protest and direct action to get them changed,” Brumfield-Mejia said.

“Direct action” meaning the kids would vandalize those buildings to pull the names off them.

That’s a public threat to commit a crime, and there is a petition full of names of people who are saying they’re in on it.

You could perhaps call that a criminal conspiracy.

But rather than focus on the minutiae here, let’s call this what it is – penny-ante wannabe tyranny.

LSU’s Board of Political Lackeys, the clowns who unanimously agreed to bowdlerize Middleton’s name off the library, have said they would “look into” renaming these other buildings.

Rename them for whom? Well, Dutch Morial’s name has been offered up as a possibility. Dutch Morial was the first black mayor of New Orleans. He was also the first black law school graduate at LSU. Pearl Henry Payne, the first black woman who graduated from LSU, has also been put forth as a possibility.

What did Dutch Morial do for LSU, though?  Was he ever on the faculty? Did he raise a bunch of money for the school? We dug around and didn’t see any evidence of such a connection. Essentially, what these kids are saying is that so long as you happen to be black and happened to be first, you’re more qualified to be honored by the school than people who ran LSU and/or built things on campus – because 160 years ago they might have signed up for the same foolish project hundreds of thousands of others across the South did.

But the little budding sociologist tells us the hopes really go even higher.

“We are trying to start an initiative to actually systemically change things as well, [and] to really generate a conversation about that we really have to generate a conversation about these buildings,” Brumfield Mejia said.

Brumfield Mejia hopes that renaming the buildings will be a catalyst for further activism.

“We hope that by making these twelve symbolic changes we can begin to broaden the conversation about anti-racist structural changes on campus beyond just Middleton,” Brumfield Mejia said. “And then hopefully transition the conversation from symbolic changes to actual material changes that will affect Black students and faculty workers on campus.”

OK, kid. Now that you’ve just admitted changing the names of those buildings won’t actually affect anybody’s life at LSU, why not admit what “actual material changes” means?

Because the rest of us aren’t as stupid as you might think. And this game is not new. Pick all the low-hanging fruit, because nobody knows or cares about David Boyd or Samuel Lockett and their families are just as easy, if not easier, to ignore than Troy Middleton’s family is, and get people used to jumping when you say jump. Then you can ask for things which are absurd and do real damage to the institution, without people reflexively calling you out for that absurdity.

Because once they’ve gone along with your demands the first time, they’re complicit in your later absurdity. The only way to save face is to pretend the stupid shit you’re asking for is not stupid shit.

What are the “actual material changes?” How much do you want to bet it’s an aggressive affirmative action program for People of Color not just on the faculty but within the LSU administration? That’s not really all that much of a leap from what LSU is currently doing, but there’s a great potential for abuse in it given that some of the university’s best-funded (read: best-endowed) departments don’t just have disproportionately white faculty rosters but also still include a smattering of conservatives here and there. It’s not hard to go after those unfortunates and demand they be replaced by People of Color in the name of diversity. Of course, you’re really ending diversity by scrubbing conservatives off a college faculty, rather than promoting it.


But that’s what the sociology majors like.

What the little ISIS goons at Democracy @ Work LSU lack the stones to go for, what would really make their cause legitimate and what would be an “actual material change” that would show LSU really is a changed university and a real center of Social Justice, what would really install the guillotine on the Parade Grounds and prove La Revolution is truly afoot, is a move on LSU’s school mascot.

If these clowns were truly about their business, they’d demand LSU dump the Tigers. And if John Bel Edwards, the governor whose political lackeys populate that board, ought to demand they go along with them.

Because as everybody knows, Louisiana’s first Fighting Tigers were shock troops within the Army of Northern Virginia under Stonewall Jackson. It wasn’t until 30 years after the Civil War when organized athletics began at LSU and the school’s first football coach Charles Coates decided to honor that Civil War brigade by naming the team the Tigers, but by the standard set by the little cultural revolutionaries currently on campus, with the political lackeys on the LSU board standing with them, LSU can’t be the Fighting Tigers anymore and still be a “safe place” for People of Color on campus.

Of course, should LSU drop Fighting Tigers as its mascot, LSU can pretty much kiss off its status as the single most unifying entity in Louisiana. That brand is worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the university in merchandising, brand identity, media exposure, alumni donations and whatever else you want to throw in. Dumping the Tiger mascot would be like ripping off a leg. The school would never recover. Its alumni and donors would abandon it in droves. There is nothing LSU could do to rebrand itself which wouldn’t severely reduce the cache of the school.

And the Democracy @ Work morons are in no position to replace that support or that brand value. How much of a philanthropic contribution do you think snot-nosed sociology students are going to be able to make to LSU?

Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Nobody has challenged these budget-rate iconoclasts to do something productive on that campus. Before Troy Middleton’s name came off that library, they should have been tasked with raising some not-small sum in donations toward the construction of a new library named for someone more to their liking. Instead, they got a free ride. Now, they want to remove a bunch of names which have been synonymous with life on that campus since there has been an LSU, and still they offer nothing. What do students and alumni who aren’t bothered that former presidents like Zachary Taylor and Andrew Jackson are honored by buildings on campus get in return for this campaign of defenestration?

Is there a limiting principle behind this? This Brumfield-Mejia character has already told us the little Maoists have more up their sleeve, so the answer is “no,” there is no end in sight.

Fine. Then let’s have the big fight. Put your cards on the table, you little tyrants. Make your play for Fighting Tigers and let’s get it on.



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