APPEL: Civil Unrest Is Strangely Limited To Certain Kinds Of Places

There is no debate that the unrest in our major states and cities has been confined to those that have been run by liberal Democrats for generations. Clearly Democratic governors and mayors are either complicit in the anarchy, or they are incapable of addressing it. I tend to believe that, in the misbegotten belief that it will somehow help Joe Biden get elected, their actions are designed to encourage unrest.

Unwittingly by cultivating mayhem, Democratic leaders have let the Marxist genie out of the bottle. Does anyone believe that should Biden win he would have the motivation to put that genie back in the bottle? Does anyone believe that if even if he wanted to, Biden would have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to AOC or Warren or anarchists and Marxist rioters?

Or, based upon his obvious weakness, is it more likely that he would retreat to his bunker and let AOC- and Warren-style Progressives surrounding him control our future?

I have no doubt that a Biden win empowers those who, aided by the comfort of like-minded governors and mayors, are tearing our society apart. We must remember that their goal is to fundamentally change America, and their strategy is to defang our police, confuse our people with indoctrination, and fundamentally divide Americans against ourselves. It is obvious that so far they are succeeding, even as the heretofore moderate core of the Democratic Party has remained silent.


Should Biden be elected, that moderate Democratic core will witness the end of their domination of Party leadership and policies, as a new radical Party emerges from the ashes of the old. So to, for those middle-class Americans that make up that core, the seeds of their own economic demise will be sown as globalist and socialist policies would destroy manufacturing jobs, pension funds, and savings that they worked hard to build.

Ironically for the middle-class Democratic core’s own selfish interests, it would far better if Biden were to lose and the Marxist genie was returned to its bottle.



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