BAYHAM: Killing Off Historical Memorials Has Never Been About Slavery

“In the event the Left succeeds in clearcutting Confederate memorials from public spaces, people must be prepared to man the barricades to protect Jackson just as he held the line against overwhelming forces on the plains of Chalmette during the Battle of New Orleans.”

I wrote those words in March 2017.

And in June 2020 police are literally manning the barricades in Lafayette Square just across from the White House to prevent the equestrian statue of the Hero of New Orleans from being yanked down.

And even in the city that Old Hickory saved from an invading British army, Jackson’s monument has been so far preserved by an iron fence that has stood up firmer than the local politicians.

Jackson was a transformative president, considered America’s first post-Revolutionary chief executive whose administration has been credited with expanding small “d” democracy.

And until political fashion commanded it, Jackson was viewed as the nation’s inaugural Democrat president until the party he founded engaged in politically correct patricide defenestrating Jackson and Thomas Jefferson from the name of their annual fundraising dinner.

It’s ironic that memorials to Jackson are being swept up in the same tide that has washed away symbols of the Confederacy as he opposed secession, a position that put him at odds with South Carolina in their initial flirtation with leaving the Union.

But alas Jackson’s status as a slave owner and his lead role in the country’s eastern battles with Native American tribes has put him in bad odor with a loud, rambunctious, and violent segment of society that demand his bowdlerization from the public square.

But truth be told, Jackson’s transgressions have little to do with the balaclava crusade against him.

This was never about treason by Confederates or slave ownership by Jackson, Jefferson, and George Washington.

The attacks on historical memorials are about 1) a siege against American history, 2) the delegitimizing of our nation’s founding and original principles, and 3) the exercise of raw violent power without consequence to intimidate the majority of society.

It’s textbook street Marxism put into practice. And if you pay attention, you’ll see the most brazen components of the mob waving the red banner emblazoned with the intersecting sickle and hammer in gold, the very symbol tens of millions of people were imprisoned, enslaved, starved, and executed under.

The cruel and systematic Holodomor, the 20th century’s first holocaust, was engineered by Stalin to thin out Ukrainians. That ought to make these people embarrassed to wave the Soviet flag. Atrocities committed under that flag, of which the Holodomor was just one, completely dwarf those committed under the stars and bars.

But these domestic radicals are either ignorant of this episode of mass murder (disappointing) or have no problem with it (horrifying).


And judging by their collective conduct and rhetoric, the latter possibility cannot be dismissed.

The cleansing of America’s historic memorials is being executed in five phases.

1) Target Confederate memorials under the justification of treason and racism through the CSA’s connection to slavery. This was also an opportunistic move as it sought to create a consensus with virtue-signaling moderates and conservatives though the ultimate purpose was to get the statue removal campaign going.

2) Target the Colonials, specifically Christopher Columbus and Saint Junipero Serra (the “padre” of California). At this point perspiration begins to bead on the foreheads of the squishy allies of convenience but they’re not from America so…

3) Target Andrew Jackson. This marks the threshold of going from rebels and Colonials to an actual war hero and president.

4) Target the Founding Fathers for having owned slaves. Sending the Founding Fathers and the Soul of America to the PC guillotine would make America not just an orphan but a bastard, which is precisely how the Leftist mob sees us, making their “treasonous” protests regarding the Phase 1 targets laughable considering the source.

5) Everyone born before 1950 would be mopped up. This becomes an easier task than you would think because the indictments become broader as anyone who has been dead for a half-century whose morals do not meet current fashion (an impossibility they are well aware of) are also stripped of honors bestowed upon them by previous generations and are condemned before Stalin-esque show trials.

Take Troy Middleton for instance, a man who made his name fighting Nazis in World War II only to be dishonorably discharged from the LSU campus he helped develop by the useful idiots of the froth-mouthed latter-day Marxists.

Weak-kneed people who either knew better or should’ve known better when the first round of history cleansing started find themselves exasperated by the expanded of scope of the monument takedowns.

And they’ve been rightfully rebuked for enabling the start of this anti-history March to Oblivion.

It was never about the Confederacy and always about cultural Marxism.



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