BAYHAM: How Many More Fourths Of July Does America Still Have In The Tank?

Last year I wrote a piece where I conveyed a pessimistic view on the state of the United States of America.

As we approach the birthday of our nation, my cynicism has been superseded by borderline depression.

It’s not so much where we are in terms of the presidential election but where we are as a society and heirs of the a nation created on the battlefields and meeting halls 244 years ago this week.

Especially as the enlightened and courageous Founding Fathers are being reviled as quasi-war criminals and the monuments erected to honor their memory have been subject to similar treatment as statues to history’s most notorious villains.

We have seen (at least via screen capture) where the seemingly ascending Democratic Party tweeted out comments where they derided President Trump for participating in a national celebration at Mount Rushmore, which the tweet referred to as a monument to white supremacy.

Such an absurd indictment is not worthy of rebuttal, though what is far more relevant are the following questions:

Who authorized such a statement via the Democratic Party’s official account?

Why did they delete the tweet?

Who was responsible for it?

And finally if a staffer did so under his or her initiative, did that individual face any repercussions?

The American public deserves to know how precisely a party that is poised to retake the White House feels about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

Teddy Roosevelt not so much, since it would be unrealistic to expect people to know much about the 21st president if they can’t comprehend the significance of the Father of Our Country, the Author of Our National Birth Certificate, and the Great Emancipator Who Saved the Union.

Monuments to Catholic missionaries, explorers, World War 2 servicemen, and Union generals have either been damaged, torn down, or ghastly beheaded, mostly without consequence.

Granted this country has been through a pair of traumatic events, first with the still on-going Coronavirus pandemic and then the video of George Floyd, who was arrested for trying to use counterfeit money at a convenience store, having a police officer’s knee pressed on to his neck and his subsequent death.

COVID-19 and the death of George Floyd did not so much create this national angst and political toxicity but revealed it.

The convergence of the two events has provided a sense of justified license to engage in rampaging under the facade of advancing human rights that resembles less the dignified and courageous march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma and more the perverse sadism and wanton destruction from The Purge films.

And as the Democratic-run cities were burned and looted, the local leadership proved themselves unworthy of the oath of office they took, prioritizing the crazed demands of Marxist community organizers over public safety.


Amazingly the leaders in some cities are embracing peak insanity by going along with either fiscally gutting police if not abolishing the police department altogether.

I don’t know what’s more disturbing: that people entrusted in positions of public responsibility could actually go along with such insane notions while being either oblivious or indifferent to the obvious consequences or that their constituents voted for these malleable useful idiots of the rioting hoi polloi and are satisfied with their performance.

In addition to being neutered in budget and/or ability to do their job, there have been instances where the educated bourgeoise have hurled incendiaries at police vehicles and officers, both in uniform and off-duty, have been killed on the job or while protecting businesses.

And then there’s the soft tyranny transpiring around the country as critics of BLM have been sacked from their jobs or harassed from the Twitter mob with the online petition serving as the guillotine of these latter-day Jacobins.

Even expressing frustration on social media with the illegal and dangerous blocking of highways by protesters have ended with forced resignation from careers all the while the radicals have promulgated the most vile and threatening declarations sans consequence in all but one notable exception when a Harvard grad found herself out of a job when she brazenly aired that she would like to stab those who commit the ultimate apostasy: saying the words All Lives Matter.

This is America in 2020. A nation that despises its founders, its heritage, its civil servants, its prosperity, and its fellow citizens.

And we have already seen that the Left, via rocks, Molotov cocktails, and bullets, is all too willing to destroy anyone who dissents with their Marxist agenda.

We are on the verge of losing Benjamin Franklin’s challenge issued to not just his generation but future ones to keep our republic.

Happy birthday, America.



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