PERRICONE: Swing States, Mail-In Ballots And The Cruciality Of Getting Out To Vote

I found this article by the Hill and determined it to be somewhat accurate, but it’s what it doesn’t say which screams at the average voter to get out and vote in every county (parish in Louisiana).

Political strategists, on both sides, know how to win a state and achieve the coveted Electoral Vote. As we saw in the in the 2016 election, the popular vote did not determine the winner–the electoral vote did. Most people with an IQ above room temperature know that Hillary Clinton manipulated that popular vote with some aplomb by enlisted the help of people not eligible to vote. This can not be denied, notwithstanding her screeching and shrill protestations to the contrary. But that said and that understood, the electoral college vote is very critical.

And that’s where voting by mail becomes the Democrats only weapon to win on November 3, 2020. Here is how they are planning to win.

The Hill published ten very important counties which must be won to win their state Electoral College Vote. There are about fifteen more, but for the sake of simplicity, lets just use their ten to understand what the Democrats have planned. Stay vigilant. And if you know anyone who lives in the midwest, make sure they vote for America in person, to offeset the fraudulent mail-in ballots.

On election night, or a week before. Democrats will have a good feeling of how many mail-in ballots to release. That’s right, release. In those midwest states, also known as battleground states, we will not know who won on election night, unless those states start now and armor their election process. If Trump wins, let’s say, Wisconsin on election night, BUT the mail-in ballots have not been counted, the Democrats will know how many mail-ins they will need to release to tip the county in Biden’s favor. This is where the term “Ballot Harvesting” comes in.

The fraud will happen right before your eyes and you might not discern what is happening, until it’s too late. Now, August 31, 2020, sixty-four days until election day, you must be prepared to vote in person or registered absentee. NO MAIL IN BALLOTS. If you put your ballot in the mailbox, it’s like putting a bullet in the Democrats’ gun, which they will aim at your head on election night. They are ramped up in all fifty states to commit massive voter fraud, but the battleground states are where they will win the the election.

Holding back ballots is an old political game. Its bastard cousin, ballot box stuffing, has been around since the United States has existed. But this year, the miscreants will have a new weapon–mail-in ballots, which will bestow upon their fraud the aegis of legitimacy. It’s the only way the Democrats can win.

So, what can Republicans do to defeat this fraud? Storm the polls on election day.


Don’t sit home and assume Trump will win. Do not become an insouciant citizen, satisfied with others bearing the burden of getting up, getting dressed and going to the polls.

Voting is a right very few people have in other countries. Don’t waste yours, or you will allow Socialism to take root in the United States. If enough Americans vote on election day, the Democrats will not be able to release enough mail-in ballots to counter the legitimate vote. The math will defeat their mendacious dreams.

Yes, there are at least ten counties which will determine the winner of a presidential election. Do not let your vote go uncounted. Do not let these few counties determine national policy. Do not let these few counties welcome in an age of Socialism to our country. If the Democrats steal this election, every city will look like Portland, Seattle, Chicago and New York. The jackboot of the democrats will be on our necks, squeezing the air of freedom and liberty from our lungs.

Don’t let it happen. Understand how this fraud is planned. And for God’s sake, VOTE.



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