See The Video Kyle Rittenhouse’s Attorneys Released Demolishing The Media Narrative

It was ridiculous from the very beginning, as a large amount of video from the scene of the Kyle Rittenhouse ordeal in Kenosha, Wisconsin at the end of August clearly showed, for the local district attorney to have charged the 17-year-old Rittenhouse with murder when he clearly was defending himself against rioters who were attacking him.

All three of the people Rittenhouse shot were chasing and/or committing violence against him, and all three were violent criminals. This is indisputable. And yet despite copious evidence of what actually happened which was immediately available, the national legacy media branded Rittenhouse a mass murderer, as though his actions were akin to Parkland or Sandy Hook, and the DA immediately threw the book at him.

Sooner or later Rittenhouse was going to lawyer up and fight this obviously false narrative. Now the #FightBack Legal Foundation, which is spearheaded by Lin Wood – he’s the attorney who’s been cleaning out media organizations who slandered his client Nick Sandmann – put out an 11-minute video which seems to be a pretty definitive wrapup of what actually happened that night in Kenosha, and makes it virtually impossible to imagine a jury would find Rittenhouse guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.


Rittenhouse’s attorneys say that Rosenbaum was furious that the guards had extinguished a fire that activists had tried to set at the station — and that he was seen shouting “Shoot me n—-!” at a man with a rifle who was dressed similarly to the student, the news outlet reported.

Rittenhouse was later seen running up with a fire extinguisher to snuff out another fire, which his lawyers claimed that Rosenbaum was involved in igniting, according to the outlet.

The video released by Wood reportedly shows Rittenhouse fleeing from Rosenbaum, who his attorneys theorize may have believed their client was the other guard with whom he had an earlier dispute.

The footage shows Rittenhouse running into a parking lot, followed by Rosenbaum and Richard McGinniss, a journalist who caught the pursuit on his cellphone.

“Directly in front of Rittenhouse, armed with bats and other weapons, a mob is forming a barricade,” according to the voiceover on the news video.

The video will get very little play nationally, but the bet here is it’ll get seen by every single person in the jury pool in Kenosha. And how that DA thinks he’s going to get a guilty verdict on Rittenhouse is beyond us.



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