Here’s How the Covid Drama Really Went Down with Biden Early This Year

The truth is there, if only people are willing to really pay attention to it.

One of the punches Joe Biden and the Democrats continue to unleash on the President is his handling of Covid-19 in early 2020. In a typical show of hyperbole, vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris called it the greatest presidential failure in U.S. history.

It is the strategy of the Biden-Harris ticket to play this card, when what they are doing is contingent on the American public’s ignorance or amnesia on what actually happened. There’s nothing quite as infuriating for the honest citizen to see right through the charade, to sit there and watch as the sinister combination of deception and hyperbole mislead so many.

Here is a recap of the truth….

First, you had China lying on crucial points, as Senator Tom Cotton insisted, which added to the uncertainty and hesitation in anyone, from any party and from anywhere in the world, taking rash and drastic measures.

But President Trump did in fact move more quickly than any of the Democrats, including Joe Biden, would have moved. He got one thing right from early, early on: his travel ban on China on January 31. In a sparkling decision, it remains a move that proved he was willing to put the sanctity of American lives ahead of his record-breaking economy.

Not surprisingly, this decision at the end of January was criticized by many at the time as being one “driven by fear, misinformation, racism and xenophobia.”

Even Joe Biden got in on the attacks, giving this speech literally hours after the ban was put in place, and then going on the attack yet again the following day:

Biden’s efforts in April to save face were numerous and shameless, once again preying on the idea that Americans were just too stupid to know any better. In addition to the speech, given mere hours after the ban, what else would Biden have been talking about in the above February 1 tweet other than President Trump’s decision on air travel from China?

On top of this obvious whiff and vain attempt at a cover-up, Biden and his team were woefully late to the party in April, just then announcing support for the travel ban. But we all know it couldn’t end there. The political game was too important to simply admit a wrong and commend the President for a job well done. No, Biden, instead of doing that, was doing exactly what he and Harris and all the Democrats are doing now before the election:


He was and still is attempting to revise history.

Biden actually had the gall to criticize Trump’s “pace” in levying travel restrictions on China.

Even as I write this piece, it astounds me, the utter arrogance here and everywhere from the Biden camp. While there is evidence that yes, the President could have moved on this crisis even sooner than he did, the January 31 date on which he did move clearly was far ahead of any of his critics, including Biden.

For Biden to act as though stricter presidential action before January  31 would have been treated with anything other than hate and scorn from people like him is comical at best. His insistence on holding crowded events in March, in addition to his January 31 speech and February 1 tweet, illustrate exactly where he stood on Covid early this year.

At every turn, it was and has been all year a Herculean effort to find enough words in the English language to defy and destroy any of Trump’s credibility.

Actually it’s been that way for four years.

And it wasn’t just Biden back then. It was the biased media that pushed this sinister nonsense as well. Here is commentary from an April article:

Another thing abundantly clear is that the blame game is only beginning to ratchet up against President Trump. Commentators such as Joe Scarborough are saying that “everybody saw this coming. Everybody saw this coming in early January.”

The truth? The mainstream media was more focused on covering the impeachment proceedings in January.

It’s as if, now, the impeachment of the President of the United States never even happened. It was always the coronavirus, don’t you know that?

People like these two below average Joes, Biden and Scarborough, are in the business of revising history. That’s their role in this obnoxious drama, this unrelenting attempt at a full and unabridged demolition of the President of the United States. No one, not even those in the political and media worlds, could see this coming in early January. No one.

You watch, before long there will be critics saying Trump should have seen this coming on Christmas morning.

As the attacks against him mount, realize that the people who despise him are doing this for one reason and one reason only—it is their last chance before the election to destroy him.

We were right then and we are right now. So many Americans see the media and the Democrats for the deceivers they are. But they continue their deceptions because they know their low-information supporters eat it up like a bowl of Joe’s ice cream. Let’s just hope the electoral college and the mail-in ballot drama steer in the direction of Red come November.



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