VIDEO: Boy, This Hunter Biden Thing Just Gets Worse And Worse, Doesn’t It?

So yesterday, the New York Post drops that bomb on the 2020 presidential election cycle and shows emails between Hunter Biden and a man named Vadym Pozharskyi, who was (or is; I have no idea) the #3 man at Burisma, the mobbed-up Ukrainian natural gas company which otherwise-inexplicably put Hunter on its board at a $50,000-per-month salary. In those emails it’s explicit the reason why – Hunter was expected to help Burisma with influence within the American government for things it needed.

Specifically, to remove the pressure being put on Burisma by the state prosecutor in Ukraine, a political opponent of the Burisma management who, rightly or wrongly, was investigating them for various crimes.

It doesn’t matter whether the crimes were real. What matters is Burisma hired Hunter Biden when he was in the middle of a massive substance abuse problem for which he had just been kicked out of the Navy, he had zero knowledge of the natural gas industry and probably couldn’t even find Ukraine on a map. The only plausible reason Hunter Biden would have been added to the board at Burisma would have been to leverage his father’s political influence, as at the time Joe Biden was vice president and also the Obama administration’s point man in Ukraine.

And we know what happened, because Joe Biden is on video bragging about pressuring the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor by threatening to withhold a billion dollars in loan guarantees. You’ve seen that video; it’s here in the event you need a referesher.

The Post’s report is being suppressed by Facebook and Twitter, a profoundly stupid move by both social media platforms which only breathes further life into the story for it having been suppressed by partisan Big Tech censors. It’s also being disputed, unsurprisingly, by partisan corporate media organs like the Washington Post and New York Times.

And the arguments against all this are so nakedly propagandistic and shockingly dishonest as to make it difficult to imagine any further credibility can be afforded these news organs.

But there is far more in the well than the New York Post has drawn out. The corruption at the heart of Joe Biden’s career and home was all contained on the hard drive of a laptop computer that Hunter Biden dropped off at a repair shop and forgot about, and the owner of the repair shop turned it in to the FBI back in December when he knew what was on it – but not before making a copy.

He gave the copy to President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who has been investigating the corruption of the Bidens for a year now, and particularly with respect to Ukraine. That happened in September. Giuliani is the source of the documents the New York Post exposed yesterday, and he’s now exposing even more.

Giuliani released a video today in which he claims, using as evidence, among other things, a message from Hunter Biden to Naomi Biden, Hunter’s daughter, that the ultimate beneficiary of these crooked influence-peddling deals is one Joe Biden. The message…


“I love you all but I don’t receive any respect and that’s fine I guess. Works for you apparently. I hope you all can do what I did, and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard but don’t worry, unlike Pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

There is, as I wrote at the American Spectator yesterday, a strong whiff of Fredo coming off Hunter Biden. He’s the worst possible shill for a criminal syndicate because he’s so comically careless.

Giuliani pounces on that message to explain that how the Biden syndicate works is that Joe uses his political influence to get contracts and crooked deals for family members, including his slimeball brother James as well as Hunter, and then those family members kick back a share of the proceeds to “Pop.”

The thing about all this is how simple it turns out to be. These guys really don’t bother to build a very elaborate set of schemes to hide any of their sleazy doings; it’s all exceedingly easy to follow. Joe is put in a position to drive foreign policy in some country, and shortly thereafter his brother or his son gets a lucrative deal he obviously isn’t qualified for, making it nakedly obvious how he got the deal and what’s expected of him in order that he got it, and then the evidence for it shortly surfaces because of the carelessness of the Biden crooks.

And yet our mainstream news media acts as though the elephant in the room is a microbe. Or that it doesn’t exist at all. And our law enforcement agencies are so corrupted that they will sit on this evidence and not do their jobs.

As Giuliani says, there are two major problems here – though we would say there are three, with the media and Big Tech assisting in the cover-up being maybe the most serious. The criminality of the Biden family being the first of the problems he identifies, and the fact that the law enforcement agencies refuse to act against the corruption of the political class, which equates to corruption of the law enforcement agencies, is the second.

He’s correct. And the only way any of this can ever be remedied is for Trump to win a second term and to have the time to reform law enforcement so that it can drain the swamp of the corruption people like Joe Biden have foisted upon it.



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