BATISTE: Comparing A Christian Concert vs BLM Rallies In New Orleans

New Orleans mayor LaToya Cantrell lashed out at participants and performers of a Christian music concert in the French Quarter, demonstrating the Left’s typical double standard. On Saturday, November 7, crowds assembled along Decatur Street for a Christian public gathering. It involved Lafayette-native, Grammy-winning musician Lauren Daigle plus prayers and religious messages.

“While this was under the guise of a religious activity or event, we know it put our people in danger,” Cantrell told the media on Monday. The mayor accused organizers of using “the pretense of religion to hold this event with other motives. And that simply was not right.” Cantrell also said the city would “pursue every angle possible to hold these individuals accountable.”

Cantrell and the local media’s hypocrisy is on full display.

On May 30, 2020, Cantrell and the official city account tweeted in regard to a Black Lives Matter rally: “Thank you to all who participated in the noon peaceful protest! We are all seeking justice. #GeorgeFloyd #NewOrleans”

On June 3, 2020, Cantrell tweeted: “We want you to be heard. We need you to be safe. We must hold on to what has gotten us this far— peaceful protest, restraint and respect. None of us wants this to escalate. The only way out is through and we will get through this together. Please, go home, be safe.”

On June 15, 2020, Cantrell tweeted: “#ThankYou  New Orleans for the beautiful peaceful demonstrations from Armstrong Park to Algiers! Racism is a public heath emergency. The @CityOfNOLA supports every individual’s right to peacefully protest racial and social injustices. Stand Together. Stand For New Orleans.”

One reporter from the Fake News outlet The Advocate, Brynn Stole, covered both the Christian concert on November 7 and the large June 5, 2020, Black Lives Matter rally.

The BLM June 5 rally coverage by The Advocate: “Thousands gathered at Jackson Square in the French Quarter on Friday evening for another night demonstrations in New Orleans.”

The Christian concert coverage by The Advocate: “The densely-packed crowd of about 400 people that turned out for the event across from Jackson Square featured few masks and little social distancing.”

Stole and The Advocate never once noted whether the June 5 BLM protest had a permit or not, nor did the media outlet’s report contain the work “mask” or “social distancing” in the entire article. In fairness, the city of New Orleans did not have as strict mask policies on June 5 as have been in place since July. However, businesses were requiring masks back in May and in early June, the mask Karens really started getting vocal. Of course, as BLM protests popped up around America for weeks, cities and states chose to implement mask mandates as cases of Covid increased following the riots.


The NOPD tweeted for the June 5th rally: “The NOPD supports and encourages peaceful protest. Demonstrators in the French Quarter can exercise their First Amendment Rights on Decatur street between Dumaine and Toulouse.”

The NOPD tweeted for the November 7th rally: “#TRAFFIC ALERT! A community demonstration is underway at 701 Decatur St. in Jackson Square. An estimated 400 people are participating. #NOPD has closed the streets surrounding the event, but one side of Decatur St. has been left open in case of emergencies.”

Two days after the Christian concert, the NOPD also tweeted: “Anyone who recently participated in large gatherings that were NOT in compliance with the @CityofNOLA #Covid19 guidelines should get tested.”

The Leftist flacks are hot and bothered by the November 7 event. They have written about the lack of a permit and the lack of Covid-19 safety etiquette. Not one of the New Orleans media outlets has ever commented on the lack of permitting of the dozens of Take Em Down NOLA and Black Lives Matter rallies held in new Orleans the past few years. And reporters excluded talk of Covid-19 safety protocol or concern from all previous coverage of the half dozen BLM rallies in 2020. Now that white Christians have gathered entirely peacefully, the city of New Orleans and the local media has focused on permits, masks, and social distancing as the standards to critique.

Don’t be mistaken, the Left wants to disperse religion altogether, they want to control people’s lives, and the news media is entirely complicit with its unbalanced coverage. And they make no effort to conceal the never-ending attack on white people.



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