MONTI: Let’s Keep A Good Group Of RSCC Members As Intact As Possible

Editor’s Note: A guest post from Garrett Monti, a current member of the Republican State Central Committee (RSCC).

While we all suffer from election fatigue, there is at least one more major election on the 2020 calendar across Louisiana. Many Republican State Central Committee seats will be on the ballot this Saturday, December 5.  The RSCC elections are closed elections only for registered Republicans.  They will be on the same ballot with the statewide Constitutional amendment as well as local runoffs, if any.

I’m writing in broad generalizations here, but the members of the Republican State Central Committee as a whole are active and engaged.  They spend their time, money, and other resources on advancing party candidates and causes.  These are the people who attend and host local PEC meetings, Republican Women’s meetings, among others.  These are the people who host phone banks in their businesses, put out signs, and door-knock for their conservative candidates.  RSCC members are the party’s most loyal activists.

The SCC meets four times per year mostly in Baton Rouge.    SCC members from the far reaches of the state often devote the entire weekend to it – incurring all the costs of hotels, food, and transportation.  (Shreveport and Monroe members deserve special recognition.)  These meetings are often tedious and lengthy, though important.

Further, your RSCC member is a valuable resource for the party and party activists.  Members know where and how to get things done.  Are you thinking of running for constable or council?  Chances are that your RSCC member is the person that can put you in touch with all the resources you need for your campaign.  Need a designer, printer and mailing lists?  Your RSCC member can make the connections.  Need a recommendation for a consultant?  Your RSCC member has worked with most of them at one time or another.  They know which ones are going to get the job done and which are going to take your money and run.   RSCC members and activists are the gears that keep the Republican Party moving.


A position on the State Central Committee is UNPAID.  Our Party’s loyal members work as hard as they do because they believe so strongly in the conservative cause.  Being a member of the Republican State Central Committee is more about building the Republican Party than building a resume.  Be wary of candidates that have little history of working on campaigns or for Party causes.

If an incumbent RSCC member is on your ballot – keep them.  Go out and vote for them on December 5th – they deserve it.



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