Brutal PAC Ad Hammers Lance Harris As A Greedy Porcine

It’s an ad from Start The Fire PAC, which is a new outfit to us, but it shows up at the YouTube page of The Political Firm, which is the company owned by Baton Rouge consultants Jason Hebert and Scott Hobbs, two of the mainstays in Louisiana GOP races. It’s obviously a Luke Letlow-allied organization, which would explain why it’s uncomplimentary toward Harris.


By the way, that Hayride quote the ad shows which says “Harris especially needs to be driven out of politics?”

Yep. That one is legitimate. Here’s the post it came from – we had Harris on a list of “John Bel Edwards Republicans” thanks to his support for more than $660 million in tax increases from no less than 11 different bills back in 2015. That was actually before Edwards was even Louisiana’s governor; at the time he was just the chair of the House Democrat delegation and that party’s thought-to-be-hopeless gubernatorial candidate. And yet Harris not only voted for all of those tax bills but he also demanded his colleagues do the same.

He’s the head of the Republican legislative delegation, which is supposed to more or less make him Mr. Republican in the state of Louisiana. And from what we’ve heard from multiple sources it was Harris, at a meeting last night of the House Republicans, who thundered away with a speech befitting Mel Gibson in Braveheart, warning his colleagues that if they didn’t vote to eviscerate Louisiana’s taxpayers in order to fund Louisiana’s bloated state government they’d be out of a job and Democrats would be in their seats next year.

We’ve trodden this ground already, of course, and our readers are aware that we endorsed Letlow for reasons similar to those expressed in the ad. It isn’t so much that he’s, in the immortal words of Babs Jansen, ” a P I G pig,” but that in the Legislature he’s let himself get sucked far too easily into the idea that it’s all the state’s money and if the state needs more the state ought to just go tax it.


That mentality is unacceptable in a Republican congressman, particularly now when across the aisle are real-live Marxists who hate private property and free enterprise and reject the idea that individual liberties come from God rather than politicians. If you aren’t willing to fight to limit the size of government, whether from a budgetary standpoint (meaning making actual cuts that involve actual political consequences) or as a matter of principle, then you’re not cut out for that work.

As we’ve said, Harris’ record simply doesn’t qualify him for that mantle.

Functionally speaking, it works similarly to saying Harris the politician is as greedy as a pig. We might have been a little nicer about it. But we arrive at the same place. Letlow needs to win on Saturday.



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