REED: A New Year’s Greeting From The LAGOP

As we begin a new year and close out a year that has tested each of us in so many ways, I cannot help but feel blessed beyond measure and truly thankful. God has a plan and purpose for me, specifically in the world of politics, and there is no doubt that He put me here in this position for a very special reason.

My name is Brittney Reed and I am the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Louisiana. I am a native of Vermilion Parish and an alumna of the University of Louisiana Lafayette, with a background in politics, fundraising and business. My career in politics began six years ago when I was hired as a legislative assistant to Representative Blake Miguez in 2015. By handling constituent service issues arising in that job, I was able to get to know, care for, and relate to the people in my district and in my state.

It was my attendance as a delegate at the Louisiana Federation of Republican Women’s (LFRW) 33rd Biennial Convention and the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in early 2019, when I really learned what it truly means to be a Republican. It was these experiences that led me to my passion for politics, as a way to serve people throughout the state.

In July of this year, I learned that the LAGOP was looking for a new Executive Director. I went after what was at the time only a dream position, hoping for a chance to make my passion for Republican politics a reality. It was Chairman Louis Gurvich who believed in me and hired me to help build on the successes of the party to make it the largest and most effective political organization in Louisiana.

When I took over as the state party executive director, there were only ten weeks until the Nov. 3 election. Andrew Bautsch, whom I succeeded as executive director, had left to run Luke Letlow’s congressional campaign. Hitting the ground just before an election wasn’t easy; in fact, the last four months have been an exercise in drinking out of the proverbial fire hose, but they’ve been productive.

In those four months, we were able to host eight voter registration drives across five parishes, educate the public on voter registration, and conduct a presidential election and congressional run-off. We started two new College Republican chapters with a third on the way. We established a stronger working relationship with RPEC and LFRW chapters across the state, while aiding in website and social media development, filling vacant RPEC seats, and training the new members.

We’ve built and recruited a GOTV (get-out-the-vote) infrastructure consisting of over two hundred and fifty trained volunteers who performed poll watching and phone banking duties in the Trump, Cassidy, and Carter campaigns, and we’re just getting started.

Along the way I’ve recognized there are things Louisianans expect from the LAGOP. We must have party unity if we are to be a strong voice in defending our traditions and promoting our values, and we need to keep winning elections! Next year there will be two huge issues which will be in the forefront of our political discourse:


We’re going to make an effort to finally achieve closed party primary elections through legislation in the regular session. And in the special session which follows, we’re going to make sure that redistricting produces strong Republican leadership in our congressional delegation and our state legislature.

Republican activists and our new State Central Committee will be the driving forces behind our ready-to-launch programs supporting our youth, women, minorities, veterans, small businesses and other industries. They will lead our education efforts and recruitment of conservative candidates, while building the largest GOTV infrastructure in Louisiana GOP history.

Chairman Gurvich’s vision and energy has set the pace for our staff, myself included, and this has led to the opportunity of a lifetime for me help grow our party and strengthen our conservative values. So from our Republican family to the folks out there, please keep fighting the fight. Let your voices be heard and never give up hope. We, at the LAGOP, hear you.

May God bless the great state of Louisiana, the Grand Old Party, and the greatest country in the world, the United States of America!

Happy New Year!



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