From The Dan Proft Show This Morning, What On Earth Is Mitch McConnell Doing?

As I often do, I did radio this morning, with a guest spot on the Dan Proft Show in Chicago. The topic was the orgy of bad ideas Joe Biden and the Democrat majorities in the House and Senate seem to be pursuing, with the coming impeachment trial of an ex-president front and center.

Of course, there’s a wrinkle here – in that impeachment seems to have a bit of a bipartisan flavor to it. There were 10 House members, led by that exemplar of Bush Republicanism Liz Cheney, who voted in favor of impeaching President Trump. And there are a few Republicans in the Senate who have indicated they might well add their names to the impeachment caucus.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell isn’t quite one of them, but he’s allowed it to leak out that he’s not opposed, either.

My take on this, which you can hear in the segment below, is that Mitch McConnell is a sneaky, Machiavellian type dude. And Mitch McConnell ought not be taken at face value when he makes statements like he’s making.

I think he’s trying to set a trap. He’s baiting the Democrats into wasting time and political capital on nothing.

Let’s remember that when the Senate is busy eating Peach Mints, they’re not passing bills shutting down industries on behalf of the climate, practicing economic destruction through public policy or mandating that your son wear a dress to school – or whatever other cultural, economic and political aggressions the Democrats are busily dreaming up in the salons of Georgetown. Keeping a pointless and stupid impeachment going as long as possible and therefore interfering with the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer legislative agenda is a great idea if you’re Mitch McConnell, so his offering up a wishy-washy statement on whether he’s for it isn’t an altogether bad move.

Moreover, the longer this impeachment idiocy lasts the less support it’s going to get. There is no factual basis behind the idea that Donald Trump incited an “insurrection,” as there was no insurrection – there was an unruly demonstration which turned into a riot, and that was already happening when Trump began speaking on Jan.6. Any attempt at fact-finding in this stupid show-trial the mostly-dead Patrick Leahy will preside over will show that.


And Leahy, who at this point is almost the spitting image of the Cryptkeeper from the old Creepshow series, has already declared his support for impeachment. He’s serving as the presiding judge and he’s publicly declared his preferred outcome. Exactly how is that going to play?

If you’re McConnell, baiting these people into a full-on debacle is great fun.

But it carries risk as well. Because the voters back home are going to be more and more incensed the longer this goes on, and not all of the vitriol Joe Biden is so concerned about will be expended against the Democrats. This is going to get people primaried and beaten in 2022. Some already see it coming. That’s why Rob Portman and Pat Toomey aren’t running for re-election – they’re going to lose in GOP primaries to younger, more aggressive Trumpian challengers if they do.

And if that happens enough, Mitch McConnell is no longer going to have a majority within the Senate’s GOP caucus to hold his position. Or, thinking more long-range, he won’t be able to get a majority to make John Thune his successor like he wants.

What you shouldn’t do is apply the simplistic “Mitch McConnell is a RINO who hates Trump and is in China’s pocket that’s why he’s doing what he’s doing” reasoning. Cocaine Mitch is a whole lot more complex and cunning than that.



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