APPEL: Biden Is Building A Golden Opportunity For GOP Resurgence

As I watch President Biden and his Congressional and media allies push so hard, and so far not so successfully, to restructure our Republic into the likeness of a Progressive Nirvana, I am left to wonder how this could happen.

Was it Trump, was it that the people went for all the promised free stuff, was it a rigged election, was it that the principles that made America what it is have been rejected by a people too blind to realize just how prosperous we are because of those principles? Who knows?

But this I do know, we Republicans must not be tricked by the media and Democrats into the belief that in the 21st century what we stand for is invalid and that Progressivism, perhaps leading to socialism, is the way of the future. We must not be tricked into believing that the 74 million people who voted for the GOP were an aberration and are irrelevant going forward. We must not be tricked into believing that there is ongoing a devastating civil war amongst ourselves.

One of the oldest tricks in military history is the spread of false information to demoralize one’s enemies. For the last several years the media, acting in effect as an arm of the Democratic Party, has been the agent of that effort. Ironically all the media’s efforts have accomplished is to convince the vast number of Americans that they cannot be trusted. Under a continuous barrage of misinformation and distortions, besides a false narrative, the media’s success was in driving the largest vote for a Republican Presidential re-election in history. Not a bad effort for the GOP!

Their obvious strategy now is to demoralize Republicans with the concept of an internal civil war. Sure, there is disgust among Republicans about the loss of the election, but that happens after all elections, no matter the party. No, there is no civil war, but there is the potential of a lost opportunity for the future of conservatism. Let me explain.

President Biden and the Democrats are on a disruptive political binge as has not been seen in modern American history. If, with their control of Washington, they succeed in what they are attempting, there will be a voter backlash like none before. Worse for Democrats, their vicious war against the middle class and white America will probably divorce this majority voting bloc from the Democratic camp for generations.


So, from the ashes of defeat in 2020, the great phoenix that is a resurgent Republican Party can arise. But it can arise only if Republicans do not buy into the efforts of the media to divide the party into two camps, or even into a third party. That is exactly what Democrats want and it may well be the only way they can win in 2022, and beyond.

No matter the internal political fights, at the end of the day, all Republicans must rally around our most successful candidates and ideas. After the standard bearers of the party have been resolved in favor of the majority of Republicans, there is no room for divisive dissension. And in particular any talk of a third party as propagated by the media’s efforts, must end. Politically this nation is nearly evenly divided. Republicans can and will win, but only if we stand together and we reach out to the moderate Democrats who will feel betrayed by a radical Democratic Party.

The leadership that President Biden has embarked on is amazingly divisive and will create the opening that Republicans must be prepared to sally into. That is, a united Republican Party must be ready to sally into!



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