Lee, Roy seeking to censure Alexandria Ocasio Cortez after she accused Sen. Ted Cruz of attempting to have her murdered

Two Republican lawmakers, Sen. Mike Lee of Utah and Rep. Chip Roy of Texas have asked their colleagues to censure New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for accusing Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of attempting to have her murdered.

She made the accusation after Cruz responded to a tweet she posted calling for an investigation into the stock-trading app Robinhood.

In response to him agreeing with her tweet, she wrote: “I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there’s common ground, but you almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago so you can sit this one out. Happy to work w/ almost any other GOP that aren’t trying to get me killed. In the meantime if you want to help, you can resign.”

In his letter, Sen. Lee wrote, “It has come to my attention that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent out a tweet a few hours ago in which she accused one of our colleagues — twice — of attempted murder. I believe that, as a conference, we should immediately and publicly call on her to retract her statement and apologize. If she refuses to do so — and perhaps even if she doesn’t — I think she should be admonished or censured by the House.”

In a separate letter, Roy demanded that she “immediately apologize and retract her comments,” which she has yet to do.

“If Representative Ocasio-Cortez does not apologize immediately, we will be forced to find alternative means to condemn this regrettable statement,” Roy added. “It is my sincere hope that we all stop this heightened rhetoric and move forward to actually do the work the American people sent us here to do.”

Ocasio-Cortez was referring to Cruz’s decision to object to the certification of President Joe Biden’s Electoral College votes on Jan. 6. She claims that by doing so he incited violence resulting in people storming the U.S. Capitol when members of Congress were inside.

She and other Democrats have demanded that Cruz and other Republicans resign from Congress who challenged the election results.

During a virtual town hall last week, she described those who objected to the Electoral College votes as committing “a dereliction of duty and a betrayal of our country.”

“And that is why I have demanded the resignations of Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, [and] Republican Minority Leader in the House, Kevin McCarthy, along with many others,” she argued. “Because this is not just about political opinion or partisanship. This was about the abandonment of our sworn oath.”

Ocasio-Cortez wrote in several tweets, “…  We need accountability, and that includes a new Senator from Texas. You haven’t even apologized for the serious physical + mental harm you contributed to from Capitol Police & custodial workers to your own fellow members of Congress,” and “get off my timeline & stop clout-chasing.”

Asked about her comments, Cruz told reporters, “There’s a lot of partisan anger and rage on the Democratic side. It’s, it’s not healthy for our country, it’s certainly not conducive of healing or unity, but everyone has to decide how they want to interact with others.”

In addition to Ocasio-Cortez, an anti-Trump left-wing Republican group called the Republican Accountability Project, launched a $1 million billboard campaign attempting to shame 12 GOP lawmakers into resigning. It has also pledged to raise $50 million to help reelect GOP lawmakers who vote to impeach former President Donald Trump next month.

The Project’s billboards target 10 members of the House and two senators, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley of Missouri. Both were vocal opponents to some states’ Electoral College votes.

The billboard targeting Cruz says, “You lied about the election. The Capitol was attacked. Sen. Cruz: Resign.”

Some of the prominent lawmakers targeted by the campaign include House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga.



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