Once Again, Louisiana Gets Its Ass Kicked By Texas And Mississippi

We’re supposed to be grateful to Louisiana’s Grand Pasha, Governor John Bel Edwards, for his benificience in once again allowing us the limited freedoms afforded in his Phase 3 COVID restrictions. To wit…

Summary of Changes from Phase 2 to Phase 3 of Resilient Louisiana as Provided in Proclamation Number 17 JBE 2021

Churches and Other Faith Based Organizations

  • No limitation on capacity
  • Social distancing and mask wearing still required

Restaurants, Cafes, and Coffee Shops; Beauty Shops, Salons, and Barber Shops; and Shopping Malls

  • Shall not exceed 75% occupancy (expanded from 50%), with social distancing between patrons and parties

Casinos, Racetracks, and Video Poker Establishments

  • 50% occupancy with 75% gaming positions (expanded from 50% gaming positions)

Athletic Events

  • Shall not exceed 50% occupancy (expanded from 25%)
  • Indoor service of alcohol authorized (previously conditioned on if parish eligible and opted in to indoor service at bars) but must be consumed at the patrons ticketed seat

Event Centers and Reception Halls

  • Shall not exceed 50% occupancy or 250 people, whichever is less (previously 25% or 75 people) 


  • Bars in all parishes authorized to be open for indoor service up to 25% capacity, not to exceed 250 people
  • If a parish meets the positivity threshold of 5% or less for two consecutive weeks, can opt-in to expand indoor service to 50% capacity, not to exceed 250 people
  • If a parish subsequently exceeds 5% positivity for two consecutive weeks, bars within the parish are required to return to 25% capacity
  • Live entertainment may be authorized by the SFM if certain requirements are met (i.e. adequate HVAC exchange, air flow towards stage and away from patrons, physical barriers between performers and patrons) 

Conventions and Conferences (new addition)

  • Shall not exceed 50% occupancy, while adhering to social distancing
  • Waiting rooms, lobbies, or other areas where members of the public can congregate are closed to the public
  • Must have opening plan approved by State Fire Marshal in order to operate

Nonessential Businesses

  • Defined as “places of public amusement, including but not limited to, locations with amusement rides, carnivals, amusement parks, splash pads, water parks, trampoline parks, arcades, fairs and festivals, children’s play centers, indoor playgrounds, theme parks, concert and music halls”
  • Closed to the public unless business submits a reopening plan with the State Fire Marshal. If State Fire Marshal approves, business can be open up to 50% occupancy (expanded from 25%)

All Other Businesses

  • Shall not exceed 75% occupancy, while adhering to social distancing (expanded from 50%)

Crowd Sizes

  • Shall not exceed 250 people indoor (expanded from 25% with a maximum 75 people)
  • Shall not exceed 50% capacity outdoors (expanded 25% with a maximum 150 people)
  • Limitations do not apply to essential businesses or churches and other faith based organizations during religious services

Right now there are 629 people hospitalized with COVID-19 in Louisiana. Out of 4.6 million people. That accounts for the benificience of the Grand Pasha toward his subjects.

But the benificience of the Grand Pasha doesn’t extend to Orleans Parish

A statement from Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s office said that New Orleans will remain in its own modified phase 2 since they recently eased restrictions on sporting events and gatherings.

“It is important to monitor the effect those changes may have on transmission,” the statement said. “Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently recommended against significantly rolling back restrictions to curb the spread in light of the more contagious variants.”

Well, there’s no accounting for the local satrap’s restrictive proclivities.

So what’s happening in Texas? Well, there was an announcement made by that state’s governor Greg Abbott yesterday

Texas is going to be 100 percent open. No mask mandate. Nothing. If private citizens want to do something special for COVID, that’s their prerogative. If they don’t, then Greg Abbott isn’t going to sic cops or bureaucrats on them.

And what’s happening in Mississippi? Well, they’re doing something a lot like Texas

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves says that as of Wednesday, he is getting rid of most mask mandates that he had imposed to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus. He is also lifting most other restrictions, including limits on seating in restaurants.

“The governor’s office is getting out of the business of telling people what they can and cannot do,” Republican Reeves said during a news conference Tuesday.

Until now, most of Mississippi’s 82 counties had been under a mask mandate for months. Reeves said the number of people hospitalized because of the virus has decreased in recent weeks, and vaccination numbers are increasing.

Reeves said he is issuing a new executive order that takes effect at 5 p.m. Wednesday and remains in place until March 31.

He said rules for K-12 schools are not changing. Schools will still require masks where social distancing is not possible. There are also still limits on seating at K-12 school events: 25% capacity for indoor events and 50% capacity for outdoor events.

The new capacity for seating at indoor arenas for colleges is 50%. Club areas in arenas are limited to 75% of their seating capacity.

Reeves is pulling his mask mandate even though he has a junior Fauci as the state health officer…

“There’s no way in heck I would go sit in a crowded bar right now,” Dobbs said.

And what reaction do the Grand Pasha and his minions have to this? Precisely what you would expect. This is the Grand Pasha’s Minister of COVID to drop a load of royal wisdom on the unwashed masses…


Because Louisiana has performed SO MUCH BETTER than our neighbors with our endless restrictions, right?

So to our east and west Louisiana has competing states which are moving on from COVID-19 and all the disastrous government mandates and restrictions it has resulted in courtesy of timid and unscientific-minded politicians. And Louisiana has the same stupid leadership it’s had since this nightmare began.

It’s far past the point where this consistent failure and nanny-state tyranny, in which politicians unreservedly trash the constitution and the civil rights of our citizens with no discernible benefit to public health, has been old. What John Bel Edwards deserves, and what LaToya Cantrell deserves, is what’s likely to come in the days to follow after this state keeps itself locked down and masked up while its neighbors move forward.

Which is a mass exodus of population and an even larger one of business. One questions how much longer anyone wants to tolerate Texas and Mississippi unrelentingly kicking our ass due to atrocious political leadership.



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