PERRICONE: Here’s How Louisiana Can Crush Cancel Culture

Since Louisiana loves to amend its constitution so often, may I offer some unbidden advice to the legislature to prevent the virulent Cancel Culture take a death grip on Louisiana.

The proposed amendment would prohibit and state or local government agency from taking any adverse action against anyone because of how they expressed themselves in the written or spoken word. It would be, under today’s zeitgeist, revolutionary, for Louisiana would send a signal to the nation that we believe in free speech, regardless of who you are and we will not punish anyone for saying or writing anything we don’t want to hear.

So, consult your representative or senator and exhort them to recognize the First Amendment in Louisiana; it would be revolutionary, indeed!

Here is the language of the proposed amendment.

“No constituted or statutorily created state agency may, in anyway, penalize, punish, fine, or diminish any right or privilege of any citizen, corporation or license holder of this state for any action emanating from the a person’s expression of words, either spoken or written, or expressed in any manner. And, moreover, no court of this state will have original or appellate jurisdiction over any case or controversy where anyone, citizen or state agency, seeks to punish, in any way, another for his exercise of free speech, regardless of manner or medium. But courts of this state will have jurisdiction to grant injunctive relief and damages, including attorneys’ fees, to any person or corporation which has been, in any way, attacked for there exercise of speech  Accordingly, any statute ordinance, regulation, or code of any state agency of political subdivision thereof, which is in direct conflict of this amendment is hereby retroactively and proactively deemed Unconstitutional.”

NOTE: Every state legislature should consider amending their Constitution to defeat the Cancel Culture, even if it is at the local level.

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