The Koy Who Cried Wolf

Yesterday, Baton Rouge police chief Murphy Paul held a press conference wherein the BRPD released body-camera footage of the now-infamous alleged Koy Moore incident.

The release of the footage is a long time coming. It should have been released immediately after Moore posted on social media that he had been repeatedly “violated” by BRPD officers. The footage makes a complete mockery of that contention, as there is virtually nothing in it which constitutes police brutality at all.

Moore and a friend were in a parking garage of an LSU campus apartment complex at 1:50 a.m. early on a Sunday morning, supposedly on their way to grab a late-night meal. It had been reported to police that a loud, raucous party had been going on atop the garage’s roof, and the BRPD sent patrol cars out to investigate and/or potentially break up the party.

But when the cops entered the garage and began making their way to the supposed scene of the party, Moore and his friend were encountered…hiding behind a truck in the garage.

When you hide from the police, they will become suspicious of you.

The police officer on the scene found them and issued some fairly reasonable commands, namely for the two to stand next to a nearby car with their hands on the hood where he could see them.

They didn’t immediately obey, which led him to draw his gun and issue the commands again in a more forceful manner which included the use of the F-word.

Then they were searched, and, nothing incriminating like drugs or weapons having been found, let go with an explanation that you really need to obey police commands in circumstances like that.

And that was it.

Here’s all of the footage – from car cams and body cams – of the incident…

As encounters with the police go, particularly given the dumb mistakes Koy Moore and his friend made, this was pretty mild and the police conducted themselves blamelessly. BRPD gave them a letter of caution about the F-bomb, which is questionable at best, but that’s all.

The timing of this release might actually be to LSU’s benefit seeing as though it pales to the rest of the disastrous revelations coming out of the university’s athletic department. That LSU football has a race-hoaxer as one of its starting wide receivers might be a bigger deal were there not enough rape and domestic abuse allegations to go around.

Nevertheless, you’d like to see something akin to an apology for having dragged the city and state through a fake police brutality/race incident on top of everything else which is going on. Particularly when LSU has so badly alienated so many people by jumping on the “woke” social justice warrior bandwagon. If you’re going to do that it’s best to at least have some facts on your side; in the Koy Moore case, after LSU jumped to embrace every false narrative it could while impugning the Baton Rouge Police Department as populated with racists, there weren’t any.

LSU football coach Ed Orgeron, who’s now being accused in some quarters as having defended a racist and sexual abuser in Derrius Guice, was asked about the release of the footage yesterday. His response was lacking – he said he’s grateful that Moore is safe – what’s that supposed to mean? – and commended BRPD for being transparent through the process. Then he said he wanted everybody to “learn from” the incident.

Didn’t even admit that Koy Moore was wrong to slander the police who handled themselves with restraint with made up and abusive charges.

Perhaps Orgeron could have said this incident would be something Koy Moore could learn from. But nope – he can’t do that. He has to take Koy Moore’s part against the cops even when it’s clear who’s in the wrong.

This makes it harder and harder to defend LSU. It also makes it harder and harder to care about much of anything that goes on at that school anymore. A couple of years ago it would have sounded insane to call LSU a net negative for Louisiana’s political and popular culture, but now, one starts to wonder.

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