APPEL: Learning Something From The French

In 1789 the French people rose up against a millennium of tyrannical rule and demanded their freedom. It took them almost 100 years after that to completely unburden themselves from autocratic rule in its many forms, but today they stand proudly in the Pantheon of free peoples.

To a great extent the French followed the principles of another proud and free people, the American colonists who stood against the most powerful military and economy in the world in order to secure their blessings of liberty. The French people had a fundamental belief in the rights of man and they aligned that with the successful American model to achieve liberty.

And yet now, centuries later, something has gone awry with the spirit that created the great American Republic. The overriding concept of personal freedom has been occluded by a philosophy alien to what those early patriots and their French counterparts aspired to. Somehow a sullen minority of malcontents has turned American principles, American ideals, against the soul of our people. And our people, embedded with a deep virtue of fairness, have seen that trait turned against us. Worse, we have yet to fully recognize the danger that threatens from those who turn our own virtues against us.

America today is the one nation that people are willing to risk all to literally break into. Yet American citizens are assailed by far-Left radicals whose message of hate is amplified by a corrupt media. Theirs is a constant reciting of a “Big Lie,” a barrage of hate-filled innuendo of systemic racism. America is the country who twice elected a black man as President and today has a black woman as Vice President. And yet the people are assaulted with vicious attacks by the radicals and the media as being irredeemably racist and therefore evil.

It was Americans who conquered a wilderness, carved out a nation, saw the equivalent today of 7,000,000 of its citizens die fighting to perfect the nation in the Civil War, saved the world twice from autocracy and dictatorship, squeezed the life out of socialism and communism, whose science and technology is emulated worldwide, whose people, yes, even the poor and minorities, live far above the level of poverty as it was defined just two decades ago.

This is not the history of an evil people; it is the history if a great people. It is far past time for our great people to throw off the yoke of oppression being proffered by those who would destroy our greatness in order to empower themselves. It is far past time for Americans to stand against the power that we granted to an elitist press corrupted by their own presumed superiority.

In French history there was an expression that was used to arouse an abused people against the tyranny arrayed against them. It was a call to the people to defend their freedom with their own lives. “Aux barricades” – to the barricades. Repeatedly the French people literally stood behind rough barricades to bar the way against crushing oppression. And time and again they prevailed. Modern France is a testament to the power that resides within the breast of the free French people.

As we watch our cities collapse under feckless leadership and crushing crime, our morals decay, our personal safety evaporate in the name of fairness, our ability to personally benefit from opportunity collapse in the name of equality, and our family wealth absconded in the name of equity, I say figuratively “aux barricades”. Americans, defend your freedoms, stand up the tyranny of the Left and the media, fight to honor the glory of a nation like no others.

I say that we have gone far enough allowing miscreants turn our innate spirit of fairness against us. We have seen the outcome, a subversion of the American spirit. I say its time to take back our honor, our prestige, and our principles. Aux barricades citizens, stand fast against the tyranny of the Left and defend the freedoms that your forebears left as their legacy to you.

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