AUDIO: Mike Johnson On Mark Milley

Since this is Mark Milley Day at The Hayride, we thought we’d pass this along as it’s quite good. It’s U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana), the congressman from northwest Louisiana, on the radio with local Shreveport talk station KEEL-AM, and the subject is the bombshell allegation that Milley was up to some fairly indefensible activities in the last days of the Trump administration.

Johnson is pretty outspoken about Milley’s actions and has been since they hit the news. He said Tuesday that “General Milley needs to answer for this immediately. And if he won’t then he needs to go,” in response to the initial report of Milley’s statements as reported in the Bob Woodward-Robert Costa book Peril.

And Johnson has been unimpressed with the statement issued by Milley’s spokesman yesterday trying to normalize what’s in the book. He’s talking about the necessity for getting Milley under oath to get to the bottom of all this.

In this morning’s interview, Johnson doesn’t shy away from using the word “treason” to describe Milley’s calls to China telling them he’d call in advance if we were going to attack them. Legally, he’s right, of course – giving aid and comfort to our enemies is a core definition of treason and giving China a heads-up with respect to prospective military action, something which is thoroughly foreseeable given their various abuses on the world stage and particularly their aggressions where Taiwan is concerned, marks them out to be an awfully good candidate to fit the definition of “enemy.”

Considering that their lab-made coronavirus is responsible for a half-million American deaths, and considering they’ve inflicted North Korea on us for decades, and considering they’ve gotten in bed with the Taliban. And Milley is going to give them advance notice of hostilities?

A treason trial isn’t a particular likelihood here, though it isn’t out of bounds to discuss one. What is awfully necessary is a new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Johnson is saying that’s in order, and it starts with getting Milley under oath to find out what the hell is going on.

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