HOLTON: It’s September 10 In America

Two decades ago on September 10, 2001, Americans thought we were at peace. That illusion was shattered the morning of September 11, with a jihadist terrorist attack on America carried out by Al Qaeda.

We weren’t at war on September 10, but Al Qaeda was at war with us. Al Qaeda had attacked American targets before, for years in fact. The 2000 USS Cole bombing and the 1998 East African embassy bombings are notable examples. From their haven in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, Al Qaeda carefully planned the 9/11 attacks for over a year.

While America was oblivious to the threat that was building, Al Qaeda was on a war footing. We as a nation always took it for granted that terrorists would target us overseas, but not here in America. We had been conditioned to believe that two oceans served as a barrier to an attack on the homeland.

This should serve as a stark reminder that in war, the enemy’s reality becomes your reality and even when we think we are at peace, the enemy gets a vote.

Those pre-9/11 illusions of peace and stability have been labeled the “September 10 Mentality.” Now we have an administration in power in Washington DC whose leader has been on the wrong side of every decision involving national security since at least September 11, and probably before.

Joe Biden once said that those who saw the threat of a global jihadist movement suffered from “profound confusion.” As early as 2009 Biden called for negotiating with the Taliban and bringing them into a sort of a coalition government in Afghanistan. He seems to have stuck to that vision and fulfilled it with the disastrous surrender and defeat of the U.S.-backed Afghan military to the Taliban. Now the Biden Administration prattles on offering “development” aid to the Taliban as long as they form an “inclusive” government.

The Biden administration does not see the threat from global jihad. We are told the lie that the greatest terrorist threat comes from white supremacists despite the fact that the FBI has not a single white supremacist on its most wanted terrorist lists—lists dominated by jihadist terrorists.

Instead the Biden Administration has the Director of National Intelligence, which should be looking for ways to prevent the next jihadist attack, compiling reports focused on Americans upset about election integrity or COVID policies.

The Taliban regime that purposely made Afghanistan a “launching pad” for global jihad is back in power there, after 20 years of American blood and treasure being expended. In fact, many of the same Taliban leaders who refused to turn over Osama Bin Laden after the 9/11 attacks are back in power, released from Guantanamo Bay. The Obama-Biden Administration made “hope” one of its bywords. Now it seems that “hope” has become policy in Washington.

The September 10 mentality is back again, to what end we can only wonder.

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