LABI Unloads On Biden’s Business Vaxx Mandate

This morning I’ve got a column up at The American Spectator about yesterday’s disturbing, singularly awful speech by the occupant of the White House and his Otherization of people who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19, complete with his demand that every business with more than 100 employees force vaccinations of their workers or else face some $14,000 in fines for each violation.

A taste of that

Joe Biden has no answers for COVID-19. What Joe Biden has is blame and Otherization for Americans not invested in the tired narratives of his handlers and the managerial elite he represents so badly.

That’s clear. It’s the only true takeaway from the disgraceful, alarming speech Biden gave Thursday.

Despite universal, dishonest media coverage propping up his administration this man has botched everything he has touched for the eight months he’s occupied the White House, culminating in an historic, dishonorable humiliation in Afghanistan which has driven his approval ratings into the 30’s. Biden’s handlers have panicked, pivoting to the one issue America has yet to recognize his misgovernance in.


There won’t be any hiding for Biden now, as he’s turned his entire presidency into an engine of Covidian dystopia. We’ll soon find out whether the American people will stand for it, and the answer might well determine the future of the country.

The chief theme of Biden’s COVID speech is that people yet to be vaccinated against the virus are the Other, and must be punished by being denied access to public places, jobs and other avenues of mainstream American life. Biden actually said “to the vaccinated we understand your anger at the unvaccinated,” and that “our patience is wearing thin” for those yet to take the jab.

They might as well be Jews, Kulaks, Tutsis or Armenians for the level of invective the President of the United States attacked them with Thursday.

The chief point the column made was to outline the political strategy behind Biden’s speech. He needs a scapegoat for the abject failure his presidency has been, and in particular he needs someone to blame for the economic deterioration he’s unleashed with his rancid cocktail of employment disincentives, inflationary policies and regulatory orgies over the past eight months. Biden’s clearly settling on the unvaccinated for that.

And particularly the unvaccinated who didn’t vote for Joe Biden, because the latest numbers we’ve seen indicate that the plurality of the unvaccinated remain blacks and Hispanics, most of whom are not the flyover-country Trumpers he’s so obviously aiming for.

But in a statement this morning, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry president Stephen Waguespack made some good points about the economic effects of the OSHA rule requiring business to enforce Biden’s vaxx mandates…

Baton Rouge, LA (September 9, 2021) – Today, LABI President and CEO Stephen Waguespack released the following statement after the Biden Administration announced its plan to mandate vaccines for companies larger than 100 employees, which represents roughly two thirds of the American workforce and 25% of LABI members.

“I have been vaccinated and LABI encourages everyone to consult their doctor about doing so if they haven’t already. Improving vaccination rates is critical to our community’s health and economy. Having said that, President Biden’s proposal to require American companies to mandate vaccinations is clearly not the role of the federal government, and OSHA has no constitutional authority, capacity or standing to enforce such an action. In fact, this federal overreach will do more harm to encouraging vaccination literacy than any other step taken to date.

Additionally, this policy has the potential to offshore American companies who fear losing their employees, subjecting themselves to predatory litigation and are at risk of paying exorbitant OSHA fines enforced from unnamed federal agencies in a challenging, pandemic-influenced economy. We are nationally at a record high job openings for the fifth month in a row – while our employers are finding it increasingly challenging to find workers wanting to fill these jobs, resulting in a nationwide labor shortage. Instead of taking targeted actions to jump start our stagnant economy, the Administration and Congressional leadership continue to propose new taxes, unprecedented spending and mandates that will drive up costs and stifle economic growth. We implore the President to reconsider this action and return to a more productive and constitutional effort to improve vaccination rates through education and access.”

It’s a good question – how are you going to get people off the dole and into a job when they have to be vaccinated in order to work? If they haven’t been vaccinated by now, it’s probably because they’ve already had COVID and they’ve got natural immunity, or else what they’ve heard about the jab scares them more than COVID does. You can’t fix that by demanding they get vaccinated in order to participate in society.

Not to mention it’s a lousy thing to do to business owners, who have enough on their plate right now – particularly with the federal government ceaselessly making their lives more difficult and less enjoyable.

The fact that this is emanating from the mouth of a man whose entire adult life has been spent as a crooked politician leeching off the wealth the private sector creates surely doesn’t make it any better.

The courts will get rid of the stupid OSHA rule in very short order. If there isn’t an injunction against its enforcement within a few days we’d be surprised. But the chaos this will unleash is surely coming regardless.

And the divisiveness Biden’s tone in yesterday’s speech intentionally promoted will set Americans at each other’s throats even more. It can’t stand. He has to go, and soon.

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