Now We Know That “Green Army” Honore Drives A Gas-Guzzling SUV

Russel Honore’, the ubiquitous former National Guard general who first earned fame as the military dictator of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and more recently was called in by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to turn the U.S. Capitol into an armed camp surrounded by razor wire while castigating virtually everyone who didn’t vote for Joe Biden as a domestic terrorist, is never far from the media’s attention.

Why he’s fawned over in the press despite the clownshow nature of his careenings is beyond us. In between Katrina and the post-Jan. 6 paranoia, Honore occupied his time and filled his wallet as a paid shill for the solar industry and the head of something called the “Green Army,” which was a concoction of out-of-state environmentalist groups deployed to attack Louisiana’s industrial sector in the political space.

To listen to Honore’, Louisiana’s coast would have already receded to I-10 or I-12 and not a molecule of our air or water would be safe for human consumption. His advocacy was crazy, but Louisiana’s media can’t get enough of some Russel Honore’ and all of it was accepted as gospel no matter how outrageous.

But on Monday, something happened which was illuminating even if the local media won’t even mention it. On Monday, Russel Honore’ got in a wreck on I-10 over the Bonnet Carre Spillway.

We’re happy Honore’ is all right. He said he wasn’t injured in the wreck, which backed up traffic for miles on the interstate Monday.

Honore’ then began tweeting about the efforts to find a replacement for his totaled vehicle…

Honore’ said his “Heavy SUV” saved his life, and from the pictures of that accident we don’t doubt it.

Of course, a “Heavy SUV” is a gas-guzzling SUV.

We’re not sure what year Honore’s Land Cruiser was, but it doesn’t really matter. He wasn’t even getting 18 miles to the gallon out of it regardless.

And no, that Land Cruiser wasn’t a hybrid. Nor is the one Price LeBlanc just found him. If it was, he would have said so, one imagines.

Toyota actually discontinued the Land Cruiser model. It’s bringing it back as a hybrid for the 2022 model year.

The point being that Russel Honore’, of the Green Army, was driving a gas-guzzling tank and will be driving a new gas-guzzling tank. He didn’t practice all that environmentalist BS he preached, and he won’t be. He could wait a few months and get the hybrid Land Cruiser, but he hasn’t done that.

And he won’t. Because Russel Honore’ might not be Stuck on Stupid, but he’s definitely Stuck on Hypocrisy.

Again, we’re glad that wreck didn’t cause him injury. And we’re glad his gas-guzzling tank protected him. But from now on when Russel Honore’ demands that you sacrifice your comfort, convenience or livelihood to appease his environmental gods, you can remember that he isn’t hardly about to practice that which he preaches.

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