No, Dammit. Learn To Fight.

Here’s an article from The Hill which shows the leadership of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives doesn’t understand what it’s doing, and that it lacks the vision for the fight which is to come.

Wake up, morons. This is not what the voters are looking for from you.

Major U.S. corporations are looking to quietly restore ties with Republicans who objected to certifying the 2020 election results following the Jan. 6 insurrection, believing that they cannot afford to burn bridges with the party that is favored to win back the House in the 2022 midterms.

Companies that froze PAC donations to the Republican objectors were met with outrage from GOP leaders, prompting many to reverse or soften their stance. More firms are preparing to resume giving this year, according to lobbyists at corporations and K Street firms.

In total, corporations and trade groups have already made more than $8 million in PAC donations to GOP objectors’ reelection campaigns since last year’s Capitol attack, according to a report released by liberal watchdog group Accountable.US this week.

Another tally from left-leaning watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington found that companies that initially pledged to pause their PAC donations to the 147 Republicans have since given $2.4 million to those lawmakers’ campaigns and leadership PACs.

Industry giants such as Boeing, General Motors, Raytheon Technologies, Altria Group and UPS rank among the top corporate PAC donors to those Republicans. Most of those checks are going to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who is eyeing the Speaker’s office, and House Republicans who would take control of key congressional committees if the GOP wins the lower chamber.

“When Republicans run committees, they will have the power to call the administration up to the Hill, flex their muscle over agency budgets, issue subpoenas, and much more,” said Jonathan Slemrod, a former Senate GOP and Trump administration aide who lobbies for Harbinger Strategies. “Oversight will be very important to the business community when priorities align with Republicans.”

Corporate America often allies itself with Republicans to fight Democratic proposals to regulate private industry and increase taxes on large companies. But Republicans, including McCarthy, have publicly warned that the party won’t be as friendly to corporations that have cut off donations or publicly criticized GOP-led bills to tighten voting restrictions.

“Both parties have become increasingly populist and it presents a challenge for corporations and trades who would like to focus less on partisan politics and more on coming out of the pandemic and growing the economy and shareholder value,” said John Stipicevic, a former top McCarthy aide and lobbyist at the all-Republican lobbying firm CGCN Group.

GOP fundraising has been pretty damned healthy over the past year even without those corporate PAC’s. Small-dollar donations have kicked in nicely, and the non-woke business community is very much with the party.

These woke suits who thought they’d punish Republican House members for expressing dissent against the Biden regime’s irregular 2020 presidential election shouldn’t have the freedom to buy their way back in. In fact, the coming GOP majority ought to be dedicated to savagely punishing woke corporate America, which has profited a great deal at the expense of the American people since the beginning of the COVID panic and which sits atop a dangerous oligopoly.

The country would be significantly better off if that Republican majority were to pursue a very vigorous antitrust regime with an eye toward three main goals: breaking up the largest companies which control the greatest share of the market in key economic sectors, rebalancing the scales away from companies which manufacture in China, and reopening the economy for growth and expansion of small and mid-sized companies which are privately held (in other words, family businesses).

The GOP needs to be pro-capitalist but anti-corporate. The woke idiocy of those corporate suits who thought they’d punish the party because some of its members were outraged by the conduct of the 2020 election should have consequences.


And if McCarthy thinks it’s a good idea to bring back politics as usual after what corporate America did, and following the hair-raising abuses being confected at the Jan. 6 Commission, then he’s clearly not the leader the party needs.

There ought to be recriminations. The cutoff of those political donations freed the Republican Party from the status quo, and now it has the opportunity to truly work for the American people at the expense of soulless corporations run by Democrats.

Don’t listen to the lobbyists. Do the right thing. Fight to win, not to get paid.



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