APPEL: On Louisiana’s Messy Redistricting Process

Is anyone else like me sick and tired of the politics surrounding redistricting?

Let me say this, nowhere does the Constitution say that any minority population should be guaranteed representation. Nowhere does it say any political party should be guaranteed representation. Nowhere does it say that our redistricting should be designed to protect the interests of anyone.

The Constitution only provides that we are a republic whose leaders are elected by a majority of voting citizens, deferring the bulk of how that is accomplished to the states. Some limited but important elements of election process as defined in the Constitution has over time been modified with the consent of the people and that is as it should be. But that’s it, the rest of the stuff that every ten years causes so much controversy was created by statute or mandated by courts purportedly based on constitutional reasoning, but it has really been based on the whim of those in power when it was conceived.

Now we see Democratic and socialist operatives from all over descending on Louisiana acting under the cover of “fairness” and planning to use friendly federal courts to take away our duly elected representatives right to carve up our districts. On the other extreme the whole thinking of our representatives is self-preservation, and protection of party.

I am tired of all this mess. My suggestion is simple, we have six, population balanced, Congressional Districts. They would be three extending across the state, one north, one north central, and one south central, plus one drawn in the southeast and one drawn in the southwest one. The exact size would be driven by population. In this way we have people of relatively common economic and social interests combined into geographically defined districts.

Once these are drawn let the cards fall where they may. No one or race is guaranteed a seat, no party is either. We tell all the activists from all parties to go home, we don’t want them here.


We are one state, we are one people but white people in the north think differently from those in the middle and in the south. People in the southwest think differently from those in the southeast. So too do black, brown, and other people think differently in the rural areas than in the urban areas. We are far better off if we draw districts based on regional philosophy and economics than on generalizations defined by race or political guarantee or preservation. Its way past time that we stopped allowing ourselves to be divided by DNA or Party and we started acting like one state.

Now would such a practical solution ever happen? Not a chance. There is too much in play. The Democrats, hiding behind race, want a guarantee of two congressional seats, the Republicans, ignoring all else, want a guarantee of preservation.

As I am sure it will, while this unsettling process winds its way through the courts, lets ignore the whole extant issue and just think of how strong Louisiana could be if we stopped allowing ourselves to be cannon fodder for those who have separate interests from our own common ones?

I know, I know, I come from my own version of La La Land.



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