LaToya Cantrell’s Response To That Carjacking/Murder Was Just Awful

We got a pretty good amount of traffic for our piece Tuesday on how New Orleans’ leadership has utterly failed the city on crime and other issues in the wake of the killing of septuagenarian grandmother Linda Frickey. Frickey was murdered by a quartet of teenaged thugs who carjacked her, and when her arm was tangled in her seatbelt as they pulled her out of the vehicle they dragged her for more than a block until the arm was severed and she bled out on a Mid-City street.

It was an act of savage barbarity which was starkly reflective of what New Orleans has become. Frickey’s senseless murder was one of five occurring in New Orleans on Monday alone; the day after her death the city suffered at least two more carjackings. They happen with such stunning regularity that one is almost surprised a Charles Bronson-type figure isn’t stalking the city waiting to ambush would-be carjackers with some ingenious booby trap or other such nasty surprise; were that to happen the citizens would likely ascribe superhero status to the vigilante in no time flat.

And the ineffectiveness of both the police and the justice system in Orleans Parish, not to mention the political leadership which direct them, to even make a dent in the spiraling crime of the Big Easy, all but demands vigilantism as a solution. We’ve written that we’re honestly surprised New Orleans isn’t currently being policed by neighborhood militias like Baghdad is, and we’ll be very surprised indeed if that doesn’t eventually become the case.

It turns out that at least one of Linda Frickey’s murderers should have been buried under a jail rather than shuffling around on the streets in socks and shower shoes…

John Honore, the 17-year-old accused of murder in Monday’s carjacking and dragging death of Linda Frickey, had a previous violent crime allegation charged in adult Criminal District Court that was dropped last year by District Attorney Jason Williams’ office, court records show.

Honore and two co-defendants who are not accused in Frickey’s death were charged as adults for another alleged carjacking nearly two years ago when he was 15. Former District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro’s office charged Honore in that case in June 2020, along with co-defendants Aaliyah Thompson (then 17) and Miguel Leon Jr. (then 17).

Williams was sworn in as the Orleans Parish DA in January 2021, and court records show his office dropped the prosecution against all three defendants two months later, on March 10, 2021.

The court record shows Honore was ordered to home confinement, and later incarcerated at the Orleans Juvenile Justice Center, while awaiting prosecution. He was ordered freed from confinement after Williams’ office told the court it was dropping the case.

Williams’ office told Fox 8 the victim in the 2020 case was related to one of the defendants, and that the prosecution was dropped at the request of family members.

Well, that’s special.

So was this…

What the hell? “The victim?”

Her name was Linda Frickey. Why on earth would you depersonalize her and make her irrelevant?

Heartfelt condolences, bullshit. If you can’t even name “the victim,” your heart isn’t in it at all.


And when there were ANOTHER two carjackings the next day, no – your police are not making the city safer.

Meanwhile, Cantrell put up a Facebook post expressing regret that Madeleine Albright, who had nothing to do with New Orleans, passed away. Cantrell didn’t call Albright “the decedent,” she named her.

It’s noticeable.

The leadership of that city is so awful it’s amazing New Orleans even functions at all.




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