Oh, So Now People In New Orleans Are Incensed About Crime?

Yesterday there were no less than five murders in New Orleans. In one day.

The thing to understand about New Orleans is that it’s not a very big city. There are, according to the 2020 census, 383,997 people in the city proper. New Orleans is not New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia – places where five murders in one day are somewhat tolerable.

Five murders in one day, when they’re separate incidents and not all stemming from one gang battle, for example, is evidence of a lawless, out-of-control city.

And that’s what New Orleans is.

The most flamboyant of the five murders in New Orleans happened in Mid-City in the middle of the afternoon. A woman was in her car apparently making a phone call when she was carjacked by four low-life thugs who couldn’t have been much past their teens, and somehow her arm got caught in a seatbelt and she was dragged for a block or more. The arm was severed and she bled to death as her horrified neighbors tried to render what aid they could.

The vehicle was found barely a mile away.

In another murder, which happened over the weekend, the victim was a bartender at the Cat’s Meow karaoke bar on Bourbon Street. His name was Spencer Hudson, and he’d worked there for 20 years. Two black women were having a disagreement in the street outside late on a Saturday night and one of them, Daphney Jackson, decided to pull a gun and shoot wildly at the other. The bullet traveled through a shutter, a window and a particle board before hitting Hudson in the chest and killing him almost instantly.

We could go through each of New Orleans’ latest killings, but at the end of the day most of them follow a familiar pattern – there was no reason why they happened. They aren’t crimes of passion, they aren’t revenge killings, they aren’t motivated by hate per se.

They’re senseless. People happened to get in the way of the animals in New Orleans who go about life with no meaning, no judgement and certainly no respect for the law.

The barely sentient thugs who carjacked that woman in Mid-City didn’t need her vehicle for anything specific, they just thought a carjacking would be an exciting way to pass an afternoon. They didn’t mean to kill her, but she got in the way. They just thought they’d take her property away from her because they could.

The bartender in the French Quarter who was killed just happened to be in the path of a stray bullet a stupid woman shot as a means of punctuating her drunken disagreement with someone else. She didn’t fire it in the air, she shot it at a wall. That it hit a shutter and went through it was just the luck of the draw.

Then there’s what happened in New Orleans East on Sunday

New Orleans Police are searching for the suspect who stabbed a juvenile in New Orleans East over the weekend.

According to the department’s report, they responded to the intersection of Wales Street and Bass Street at 9:43 p.m. on March 19th.

Police say 50-year-old Anthony Moss forced his way inside a home, armed himself with a knife, took one of the victim’s keys, and attempted to leave with their vehicle.

Three people were inside the home, and as they tried to stop Moss, he allegedly stabbed the 12-year-old girl in the stomach and hit all three with the vehicle.

The way we understand it, Moss knew the 12-year-old’s mother, who he ran over in the Kia Forte that he stole. He showed up at her house with a knife to take her car, and when she and her two kids fought him he stabbed the 12-year-old and hit all three as he made his getaway.

You get this kind of behavior when the people of a place have absolutely no sense whatsoever of the consequences their actions will create. When there’s no sense of law and order and no respect for the notion that if you commit a crime the cops will come and haul you away to jail and keep you there for a long time.

Nobody in New Orleans thinks they’ll spend any real time in jail even if they kill somebody.

Nor should they think that. The current district attorney in New Orleans, a Soros-funded clown named Jason Williams, thinks he’s the lawyer for the crooks rather than their victims.

That was back in January, after New Orleans had posted a violent crime rate which rivaled its worst years in the past.

This is also Jason Williams…

So you have a dysfunctional DA who, when he’s not being blamed for springing criminals and refusing to prosecute thugs, talks about things like “crimes of poverty” – meaning petty theft – not being worth punishing. The criminals take note and proceed to sink the city into a state of abject lawlessness, because when the only things Williams does want to prosecute are murders, rapes and carjackings then they engage in all the other things he won’t prosecute.

And those things end up in murder, because they’re being perpetrated by morons who don’t have any judgement.


Most criminals are morons. There are ample studies showing a tight correlation between crime and intelligence. Morons who don’t have it pounded into their head that If You Do X, Y Will Happen To You become exceptionally dangerous. Particularly when their experience tells them there are no consequences to bad acts.

And there are no consequences in New Orleans. Its mayor and district attorney were both elected despite solid evidence of not paying taxes. In Williams’ case he was actually indicted on tax fraud charges. How are these people supposed to enforce law and order on that city?

New Orleans’ leadership is beyond dysfunctional, because its population is dysfunctional. Very little is made in New Orleans; the city used to have a strong manufacturing base, but horrid economic policies ran that off a long time ago. There used to be a financial sector there; that’s gone. New Orleans should have a vibrant transportation and logistics sector owing to the size of the Port of New Orleans, but not really; most of what comes through that port are raw materials and agricultural products, so there isn’t, for example, a large container port facility and the kind of logistics operation which could support lots of good jobs.

In short, New Orleans has an economy based on food, booze, hotel rooms, and government-funded health care. It’s a city of low-skilled poor people whose health habits are awful, whose economic choices are worse and whose respect for the rules is comic in its nonexistence. The minority of citizens trying to live respectable lives there is an oppressed minority, from the constant threat of victimization by criminals to the unreliable electric grid – a bird strike put 10,000 people out of power in New Orleans last week for almost a whole day – to the ubiquitous potholes in the crumbling streets, to the bitter inattention of its leaders.

Oh, but when five New Orleanians are slaughtered in a single day those leaders scurry to pretend to care.


The answer to crime is to draw down more federal dollars for midnight basketball and social workers?

How about doubling the size of the New Orleans Police Department, building a prison camp in the swamps of New Orleans East and finding a district attorney willing to prosecute not just the murders and carjackings but ALL crimes against property in the city, so that people with productive lives actually believe the law is on their side?

It’s a miracle that New Orleans isn’t currently ruled by neighborhood militias, like for example Baghdad is. In a previous era the mafia would be collecting protection money from local businesses and residents and imposing law and order by gutting the senseless criminals and dumping them in the canals.

None of that is happening because the current population of New Orleans consists of wolves and sheep, with very few motivated sheepdogs.

Get out of New Orleans while you still can. If you can’t, then carry a gun everywhere you go and be disciplined about how you use it.



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