BLANCO: It’s Common Sense, Stupid

Over the last couple of weeks, one thing that has become abundantly clear from Elon’s takeover of Twitter is just how much control over people’s speech there was. It was heavy handed and the left openly declared that free speech is dangerous, authoritarian to allow people to speak their mind, and *gasp* a threat to Democracy.

Imagine that! Letting the people have their voice is a threat to Democracy. Like the book-burners of Nazi Germany, the left wants to limit what you are allowed to see and make sure you see what they want you to see for your safety. When you are dishonest you must prevent the truth from being stated.

The left has increasingly become dogmatic. So much so that their beliefs have become a religion unto themselves.  To these people, Woke is the only way, it is the only truth, it is the only light, and nothing can shake their faith in their party leaders. In their view, men can become pregnant, though no proof has been given of this prospect. It’s a woke miracle they believe in because they are told it is true. The dogma has asked their followers to have such an incredible faith that many people have turned against the Democrat party lest they share a fate of a Jim Jones cult. Common sense is expelled from the Democrat party – only the “trained experts” can set the tone.

Surely there are those on the Right who would have us all obedient to their own dogmatic version of politics. While we ought to be mindful and cautious of them, they do not have nearly as much control over the GOP as the zealot Left. It’s especially important for the Right of center to contrast the dogmatic approach of the left with a more ecumenical stance. As Ronald Reagan called it, the big tent. It’s better to be a reasonable extremist than an unreasonable moderate. It doesn’t matter what you believe it you can’t be reasoned with.

There are certain people that we ought to welcome into the party that we might not agree with on quite a lot, but they may prove to be the best ally we could hope for from their district. As Ben Franklin said “politics is the art of the possible.” That’s not to say certain other members should not be primaried. Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, both of whom represent very conservative states should get more in touch with their constituents rather than appeasing the D.C. cretins. Even Louisiana’s own Senator Cassidy seems to have an endless supply of matches but if he keeps playing with them, he may find himself getting burned.

It’s simple really, you don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good while not frittering away a valuable seat by giving up more than necessary.

There is a huge opportunity for candidates on the Right of center to make huge gains, but the focus needs to be on common sense issues.

School boards and education systems should be focused on teaching math, language arts, and history. It’s common sense that is more important to actually teach than letting perverts lecture 6 year old children about sex.

It’s common sense that “defund the police” led to higher crime.

It’s common sense that government spending money faster than a drunken sailor leads to uncontrollable inflation.

It’s common sense that letting people come across the border unfiltered is an extremely dangerous policy.


The left will try to move towards common sense now that the election is approaching and try to shift the issue to some obscure issue. It will be important to stick to those common sense issues and force the Democrat opponents to slip up and show off their dogma.

One issue that can really capture the house for the GOP is border security. The main purpose of a federal government is to provide for the security from foreign aggressors. While a large percentage of people coming across the border illegally are merely seeking a better life, allowing people to come across with no regard of their background is dangerous and incompetent. Allowing people to come into the country simply because they showed up is like leaving your house unlocked and putting a sign out front declaring it so.

It’s common sense that there are evil people in the world and that they would do harm to innocent people. What is Mayorkas doing to ensure that no terrorists are coming across the border? That no deadly diseases are coming across? That no spies are coming in? That no murderers or rapists are coming in? What is he doing to ensure that Putin isn’t sending his disinformationists across the border?

The answer is, he gives us lip service and does nothing to prevent bad actors from coming into the country. With Democrats now recognizing that this is one issue that will cost them seats in congress, many are now jumping on the bandwagon.

It would be a great time for Republicans in congress to focus on investigating Mayorkas and possibly impeaching him before the election (and almost certainly after it). Most on the right recognize that Mayorkas is either too lazy to do his job or refusing to do his job. Either way, he’s unfit for a job that is essential to the public safety of the American people. But this isn’t enough that the Right recognizes is unwillingness to do his job, this needs to be made perfectly clear to vast majority of the American people before Mayorkas gets impeached.

This is a public safety issue and a common sense issue. Mayorkas needs to be investigated and that information needs to be brought to the American public. The main stream media will try to cover for him, Social media will try to cover up videos and mislead with fact checkers, but the videos will speak for itself. Get Mayorkas on record on why he’s not enforcing the laws on the books and force the Democrats to vote on removing Mayorkas from office. This one issue by itself can deliver congress to the GOP, but fortunately it’s not the only one.



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