LAGOP: Countering Cultural Marxism Starts With Information

The Republican Party of Louisiana recently conducted a workshop on critical race theory in Alexandria to help counter Democrat disinformation on the topic.

The project was developed by LAGOP Chairman Louis Gurvich in order to educate the public after a bill banning the teaching of CRT failed in the Louisiana Legislature last year.

“We appreciate the warm welcome that we received from Republican activists in Alexandria,” Gurvich said. “We look forward to returning soon to Central Louisiana.”

After stops in Baton Rouge, Mandeville, Lafayette, and earlier this month, Alexandria, Gurvich and his staff will be returning to Lafayette on June 24th to conduct the area’s second CRT workshop as part of the two day statewide Victory 2022 event.

Gurvich commented that “The demand in the metro Lafayette area for more history and information about critical race theory was simply too great to ignore. CRT is and always was a poorly thought out Marxist-based ideology with no valid and verifiable scientific underpinnings.”


“It is nothing more than a far-left tool used to undermine our faith and confidence in America, and the public needs to know how to detect it and how to eliminate it from school curricula,” he said.

“It’s actually quite easy to trace the roots of CRT right back to Karl Marx himself in the 19th Century, through the 1920’s post World War I development of the neo-Marxist Frankfurt School in Germany, to the post-World War II rise of the doctrine in American academic institutions. Critical Theory was a neo-Marxist response to the failure of classical Marxist theory to instigate world revolution. The American contribution to this new brand of Marxism was to make race the prism through which all current issues were evaluated by its adherents, hence the name Critical Race Theory. Its effect is to worsen race relations and undermine trust in the nation’s commitment to a better, color-blind society, and this is exactly the intended effect,” said Gurvich.

CRT workshops will soon be scheduled in north Louisiana after the conclusion of the legislative session in early June. Party leadership is waiting on events to determine whether further action, including another veto-override session, may be required. “The Democrats never give up on these cultural issues, and neither will we,” Gurvich declared.



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